Классный час на английском языке Volunteer Work and Volunterism (Волонтерская работа и добровольчество)

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1. Colonial Past - millions of people killed, stolen and sold as slaves in the Americas - Mother – countries just grabbed their colonies, used the resources and didn’t develop their national economies 2. Poor Economical structures Wars for independence and military conflicts destroyed economical infrastructures and businesses; Destruction of the existing economic structures and imposing of export production of raw materials for foreign industries 3. Different kinds of dependence - developing vulnerable economies depending on only one export product - creating dependency on foreign experts, food and energy 4. People are not ready to run a country - leaving the new independent countries to fend for themselves after having exploited them for years and never trained the people to run a country (poor infrastructures, poor education) 5. New African leaders accepted Western opinion and standards - forcing the new African leaders to comply with western opinion and standards;- countries don’t search for their own way of development 6. Special Trade policy for African countries putting up trade barriers for products from Africa - subsidizing own agriculture and thereby creating unfair trade situations 7. Poverty generates poverty Poor people can’t get good education and good professional skills, so they can’t work productively. As a result GDP doesn’t grow up fast; Countries should pay debts to the western banks, therefore they have not enough finances for public services 8. Short life expectancy - Malaria and another inflectional diseases; Poor medicine; AIDS / HIV AIDS/HIV+ infected population 9. Low financial help from western high developed countries USA (one of the richest counties of the world) spends just about 0.1% of GDP to help Africa; To help sub-Saharan Africa USA spends just about 0.01% of GDP 10. African governing elite doesn’t spend finances properly for nation Africa Still Has Just A Hope …

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