Лексика ( тренировочные работы для подготовки к ЕГЭ по английскому языку)

( тренировочные работы для подготовки к ЕГЭ по английскому языку)
Вульфсон Евгения Евгеньевна,
учитель английского языка
МБОУ гимназия№2
Воронеж 2012
Пояснительная записка.
Цель работы: помочь ученикам 10-11 классов подготовиться к выпускным экзаменам в формате ЕГЭ. В работе предлагаются лексические упражнения разных видов. К работе прилагаются ключи. Работа рассчитана для всех УМК.
Использованная литература
Ю.С. Веселова Тематический тренажёр по английскому языку
(готовимся к ЕГЭ ) Москва «Интеллект – Центр» 2011
Be and have
Task1. Which words and expressions go with BE, and which go with HAVE? Tick (×) the correct column.
fed up with somebody /something a right to do something on the safe side In touch with somebody somebody round a word with somebody no point in doing somebody off colouron one’s mind out of one’s mind up to date a ball in charge of somebody/something no chance of doing something the nerve to do something Task 2 Complete the sentences with one of the expressions above in the correct form.
There aren’t usually any major side effects after this injection, but you might____________ a bit_________________ for a few days.
Thank you for your time, Miss Clarke. We still have to interview a few more candidates, so we ________________ with you as soon as we’ve made a decision.
We _______________ Mel and Andy ______________ for dinner next Friday. We haven’t seen them for ages.
I can’t stop thinking about my ex-girlfriend. She ________________ always _______________.
Where have you been all night? I ______________ with worry. I even rang the police.
Excuse me, Mrs. Bennett! Can I _________________ for a minute? It’s about your son Ben.
Jack was so cheeky! He _______________ to tell me that I was too fat. He should look at himself in the mirror.
I’ve got extra insurance just in case we have an accident on holiday. You know me! I always like ________________.
I’m going to apply for a new job, but I know I ____________ getting it. I just have the right experience.
I _____________ the office while the manager is away for a few days.
Did you read Sally’s postcard She‘s in Greece, sunbathing all day and dancing all night. It sounds like she’s __________________.
If there‘s something you don’t like, it’s just bad luck. There ________________ complaining. It’s the same for all of us.
13 If you’re a stock broker, you need to _____________on the state of the markets in different parts of the world.
Do and make.
Task 1 Choose the correct collocation, do or make.
Did the fire do/make much damage to the factory?
I hate doing/ making my homework at the last minute.
You must do/make an effort to work harder.
Did you do/ make any work at the weekend?
We are trying to do/make improvements to the system for registering.
Do you think it would do/make any harm if cut some leaves off this plant?
Task 2 Complete each question of the questionnaire with do or make.
Do you always________________ your best to be on time when meeting a friend.__________--
Do you ever _______________ the cooking at home? ______________
Do you ___________excuses if someone asks you to___________ a big favour for them.________-
Do you ever _____________ negative comments about your friends’ hair, clothes, etc? ______________
Do you find it easy to _______________ friends?_______________
Task 3 Match 1-8 and a-h form expressions with make and do.
make a good _____________________________ a)understood
do a good ________________________________b) best
do somebody _____________________________c) a favourdo something for ___________________________d) a living
do your __________________________________e) impression
make yourself _____________________________f) business
make something _________________________ _g)job
do ______________________________________h)clear
Task 4 Complete these sentences with a form of do or make and any appropriate noun.
While she was skiing she hit a tree and _______________ herself a serious ______________.
If you give him the job you’ll be ____________ him a(n) ___________.HE needs some money at the moment.
She was feeling unwell at the party, so she _____________a (n) __________- and left.
When Clive left school, he had to_____________ a (n) ___________- between working for his father and going to university.
I tried to dissuade her from leaving her job. But it_____________ _any__________ she handed in her resignation the next day.
Task 5. Complete the sentences with the correct form of do or make.
She is fond of children. She will ___________ a perfect mother one day. !
I don’t know what to______________ of the new president.
They spent most of the last yea r__________ _up their kitchen.
There’s no electricity at the moment so we’ll have to ___________without it .It really ___________ my day when he gave me those flowers.
They ___________ away with one-pound notes years ago. They only use one-pound coins now.
He’s always _______________ up excuses for being late to class!
I’ve been working non-stop for the last five hours. I could really __________- with a break.
It ____________ a big difference to the cost if you pay in advance.
Do you think we’ll _________________ the bank in time before it closes?
OK. That ____________ it!. I’m leaving! I can‘t stand any more of your rudeness!
After graduating from university he’s going to ___________ a skilled scientist.
Be and have
Task 1.
Be no point in doing something
out of one’s mind
in chair of somebody/ something
in touch with somebody
on the safe side
off colour up to date
on one’s mind!
Have the nerve to do something
a word with somebody
somebody round
a ball
no chance of doing something
Task 2
Be a bit of colour, 2. Will be in touch, 3. Are having Mel and Andy round, 4. Is always on my mind, 5.have been out of my mind, 6. Have a word with you, 7. Had the nerve, 8. To be on the safe side, 9. Have no chance, 10. am in change of, 11. Having a ball, 12. Is no point in, 13. Be up to date.
Do and make
Task 1.
do, 2. doing, 3. make, 4. do, 5.do, 6 do
Task 2
do, 2. make, 3. make, do , 4. do, 5.do, 6. Do
Task 3
e, 2.g, 3.c, 4. d, 5. b, 6. a, 7 h, 8f
Task 4.Did…….. injury
Doing ………a favourMade an excuse
Make a choice
Didn’t do any good
Task 5
make, 2 make, 3 doing, 4do, 5 made, 6 did, 7 making, 8 do, 9 makes, 10 make, 11 does, 12 make

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