Презентация Citizens 2050

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CITIZENS 2050The World Of FutureWhat does it look like??????????????????? Cities in 2050People \ live in………Thousands of skyscrapers \ build in 35 years….. The buildings \ design in a shape of…. Traditional apartments \ replaced by enormous skyscrapers….The height of the buildings \ go up to 700 meters. It \ take 15 minutes to reach the top. Intelligent robots \ invented by the year 2050People \ replaced by robots and the rate of unemployment \ grow up rapidlyDomestic robots \ do all the household chores in 10 years time New types of renewable energy \ used.Humanity \ run out of fossil fuels by the year 2050.Cars \ work on the solar energy and hybrid engines. People \ travell by teleports in 2060.Travelling through the outer space \ become usual thing by the end of the century.Teleport cabins \ set up instead of the underground stations. Our cities \ suffocate due to smog and pollutionPeople \ not be able to go without masks.Shops \ sell oxygen like bottled water now. Drinkable water \ become luxury by the year 2030 Aliens \ visit our planet regularly in the year 2050.We \ communicate with different forms of life from other planets.

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