Конспект урока в 10 классе Days to remember

Конспект урока английского языка на тему «Days to remember»
в 10 «А» классе
Цель урока: введение новой лексики, развитие навыков диалогической речи
Оборудование и оснащение урока:
Мультимедийный проектор и презентация в PowerPoint.
1. Сообщение темы и задачей урока
Good morning, students! I’m glad to see you!
The topic of our lesson is “Days to remember”. Look at the screen, here we have the plan of our lesson. Today we are going to learn new words, listen to the recording, work in groups and answer the questions.
Every family has its special days when family gathers together. For example, New Year. Tell me, please, what other special days every family has.
Today we are going to talk about the most interesting and beautiful of these days. Look at the picture and say what it is.
Yes, you are right. It’s wedding party.
2. Речевая разминка
Let’s remember the words which connected with wedding. Look on your tables, you have such word web. Let’s complete it together. The first word is made for you.
Look, please, at my word web and complete it with yours. Let’s translate some words.
Repeat the words after me.
3. Crossword
Look, I prepared a crossword for you. I give you some minutes to do it.
Are you ready? Let’s check it.
4. Listening
Now we are going to listen to the broadcast. You should complete the notes about the wedding ceremony you have on your tables. You will listen to the recording twice. Let’s check your answers.
5. Физминутка: упражнение для глаз
T. Let’s have a rest! Look at me, please! Don’t turn your head!Look at the board! Look at me! Look at my hand! (совершаю рукой вращательные движения). Look at the ceiling! Look at the floor! Look at the right! Look at the left! Look at me! Close your eyes! Open your eyes! (Twice) Sit down, please!
6. Writing
Imagine that you’ve been to Jane and Andrew’s wedding. Write 3 sentences about it to one of their closest friends who didn’t manage to see the event. Use your sheets of paper and your notes above.
7. Group work
Now you are going to work in groups of four. The first group is the family of the groom. The second group is the family of the bride. Show us how the preparation to the wedding is going on in the families. Make up a talk between the members of one family. Use the expressions you see on the screen.
Very good. Well down.
8. Итоги урока
Now you see that wedding is the most beautiful, but the most difficult too. Tell me, please, what have learn from the lesson? (Now I know..)Your homework is…. At home you should prepare a family story, you are going to write about special event in your family.
Find the sheets of paper on your tables. Do you like our lesson? Choose the closest thing for you.
Your marks are….
The lesson is over. Thank you for your work. Bye!

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