тест для 11 класса

Хайруллина Лейсан Ахатовна
Тест: 11 класс
1. Who`s that lady who___________a red pullover?
* a) wears
b) is wearing
c) wore d) has worn
2. The petrol was too expensive so they __________their car.
*a) sold
b) had sold
c) were selling
d) had been selling
3. _____________out last night?- Yes, I__________to the pictures.
a)have you been , went
b) have you been , was going
c) did you go, was going
* d) did you go, went
4.Yesterday I____________a friend who __________from holiday in Turkey.
* a) met, had just come
b) had met, just came
c) met, has just come
d)had met, has just come
5. Just a minute.I____________if she`s in.
a) am asking
* b) will ask
c) ask d) am going to ask
6. What is this water for?- I_______________my car in the garage.
a) wash b) have washed
c) was washing
* d) am going to wash
7. The gates____________at 7 o`clock every evening/
* a) lock
b) are locked
c) locked d) have been locked
8. In the picture a man___________by a dog.
a) is following
b) is followed
c) follows * d) is being followed9. My bike is not there. It__________, i`m sure. a) was stolen
* b) has been stolen
c) was being stolen
d) is being stolen
10. If he___________I`ll quit , I promoted.
a) was promoted
b) will be promoted
* c) is promoted
d) has been promoted
11. How much money___________?
a) were they stolen
b) they had stolen
c) did they steal
* d) were they being stolen
12. I think you brother________ very clever and brave.
a) was
* b) is
c) will be
d) would be
13. She didn`t know the guests____________late.
a) come * b) would come
c) will come
d) have come
14. They understood that they_______________a mistake.
a) made b) make *c) had made
d) are making
15. I____________for you all day. Wher have you been?
a) was looking
b) have looked
c) looked *d) have been looking
16. She says she________________this man for ages.
*a) has known
b) has been knowing
c) was knowing
d) knows17. Mrs.Stone___________as a teacher for twenty years.
a) work b) worked *c) has been working
d) is working
18. You look upset. What__________to you? a) has been happening
*b)has happened
c) happens d) had happened
19. They ______________football every other Sunday.
a) play usually
* b) usually play
c) are usually playing
d) usually are playing
20. Where is Ann? I___________her since yesterday morning. a) didn``t see
b) don`t see
*c) haven`t seen
d) hadn`t seen

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