Презентация на тему Teen Court — Guilty or not?

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Read the following words: school rules to break rules a principle a case a defendant a plaintiff a judge to appoint a senior judge to run a court teen court a complaint field against smb to file a complaint justice to control the proceedings Match words with their explanations: 1) to pierce a) when a person takes drugs regularly2) to commit suicide b) to wear jewellery or rings in one’s ears, nose or parts of the body3) drug addition c) to surprise very much sometimes in a rude way4) to hang out d) a person who blames people in court5) a judge e) to kill oneself6) to shock f) to walk about without a certain aim, wasting time and doing nothing Smoking is not allowed in school anywhere! Have many pupils do smoke? 9А – 2 pupils(17%)9Б – 6 pupils(28%)10A – 4 pupils(30%)10Б – 4 pupils(22%)11 – 5 pupils(55%)Total – 23 pupils Why do you smoke? A) Because it is very fashion.(1pup.)Б) All my friends smoke and I.(2pup.)В) I can’t what to do.(11pupils)Г) I can’t throw it.(5 pupils) How many cigarettes do you smoke a day? А) 2-3 cigarettes.(8 pupils)Б) 1/2 packet.(2 pupils)В) 1 packet.(5 pupils)Г) another answer.(4 pupils) What age do you begin to smoke? A) 10-11.(5 pupils)Б) 12-13.(4 pupils)B) 14-15.(5 pupils)Г) another answer.( 5 pupils) Conclusion: We suggest: not to smoke in anywhere in school and to take care of your health and future children, especially our girls.

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