question and answer cards

Questions and answer cards
Skills – speaking
Language – formulation questions
Other – learning something about English-speaking countries
Level – Intermediate
Organization Pairs
Preparation One card per student
Time 10-15 minutes
Procedure The students work in pairs. They question each other in turn about the things specified on their cards.
Holidays (A)
Ask your partner questions about his or her last holiday, use the following notes to help you.
How long for?
Stay where?
With whom?
Like it? – Why? Why not?
Go again?
Do anything special?
Bad points?
Holidays (B)
You can either answer your partner’s questions by using the following notes or by talking about a holiday you really had.
2 weeks
Group of students
Very nice – nice people from different countries
A bit hiking swimming in lakes
A bit boring, no fruit
Rain, cold

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