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Coloured idioms Цветные идиомыA lot of English idioms use colours to describe feelings. Below are just a few examples To see red- very angry.We probably use red to describe anger because people’s faces turn red when they are angry. Imagine you became so angry your eyes became red, too. Then you might begin to “see red.” You see red! Покраснеть от злости You are yellow! Жёлтый – трусливый Yellow bellied- coward, not brave.Belly means stomach. If your belly is yellow, you are not brave. This idiom isn’t used as much nowadays as it was in the past. You are green with envy! Позеленеть от зависти Green with envy- wanting something someone else has.I’m not sure why people are green when they are envious, but this is a very common saying. To feel blue- sadYou can also “be blue.” You are blue! Грустить You are pink- You are very happy. When someone is tickled, he feels very excited and happy. Perhaps your skin becomes pink when you feel happy. Thanks for your attention I want you to be pink

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