What helps you enjoy yourselves? The world created by J.R.R.Tolkien

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The Ring The fellowship, where all were worthTo save the life of Middle-EarthFrom this dark power of the LordAnd legions of his dead knightsWho trespassed the Virtue's rights,Would win the gloom by the Light’s sword,Where every Man and every ElfCould sacrifice just by himselfAdoring other’s pain and griefThe Hobbit he’s or he’s the GnomeThey all protected their homeAnd the immortal heart’s belief. They fight for justice in the worldTo crush the tremendous Ring’s holdThat turned the soul into black ghostIt gave the overwhelming wealthBut took instead the strength and healthIt claims the cruel and huge cost.They all were Keepers of the RingBut only one of them could bring This burden on his uphill wayThe evil would fall to his footsAs mischief’s tree would shed its rootsThe Lord of Rings would lose his sway. He was the Hobbit of the ShireHe could get over his own fearWith only one true faithful mateThough he was helpless and so smallHis heart was stronger than they allHe reached the horror Mordor’s gate.Because the friendship always winsThe army of the lie and sinsIt doesn’t matter who you areIt doesn’t matter what your growthYou must believe the dream is closeAnd follow your high lodestar. It’s one of the most ancient talesThat Elves retold me in detailsBut if you think that I was naiveLook back! The world is full of RingsThat govern by the soul’s slim strings!Be careful! Don’t be their slave! J.R. Tolkien denies that characters of his book “The Lord of The Rings “ Hobbits have some features of topical Englishmen but it is so. The Hobbits represent the countryside traditional England. But there are not only Hobbits who depict England in the book. Also the people of Rohan have something common with tribes of Angles and Saxons. It’s not incidentally that in “The Lord of the Rings” there are some allusions that Hobbits and Rohan’s people have the general background. All proper names are taken from the ancient English, for example, such names of kings as Tengel, Teoder, Aorol are Anglo-Saxons adjectives of the word “king”. A lot of dialogues between Legolas, Aragorn, Grimly, Gendalf are reproduced in details the scenes that are written in “Beovolf”. The one absolute difference between Rohan’s people and Englishmen is Rohan’s love to horses that wasn’t incident for Anglo-Saxons. It is very difficult and huge work to feel the specific and realize significance of Tolkien’s books. It is necessary to be the second Tolkien the great specialist in Ancient English, Ancient Scandinavian and a lot of other languages in order to understand every detail in the book and film. Tolkien was attracted by songs and tales that was assembled and published in the book “Colevala” by Allies Lernout in 1830. Because of it he learned Finish language and it was used as a basic of high Elvish language – Cavania. Also some plots of “Silmarillion” were close to Finish legends. For example, the story of Turin and his unhappy life that’s one of the most dramatic stories repeats story in the ancient history of Middle-earth just repeats story of Finish warrior who brought grief to his family. Tom Bombadil always sings something and talks in half-prose-half-poetry as Finish wizards who communicate with the world only with the help of songs. However, studying and popularization of ancient English literature wasn’t enough for Tolkien. If the English epos was lost the only one way was to create it by himself ! With that aim Tolkien began writing of mythological tales that was published beneath the name “Silmarillion” in 1977 after the death of Tolkien. In early versions of “Silmarillion” Tolkien talked that legends about mystery Valinor came to us with an Englishman who lived between Elves long long time ago and heard these legends from them. Tolkien spent a lot of time to write myths of ancient Middle – Earth history. He considered that it is the deepest and most important work. He suggested it for publishing no matter what but because of a huge number of characters and plot lines it was very complicated for understanding and no one wanted to publish it. But “ The Hobbit” and “ The Lord of The Rings” was sold with million circulations. The books became very popular. Many young people were fascinated by them. So J.R. Tolkien couldn’t see the real rebirth of Anglo-Saxon mythology but he could create his own mythology that found so many fans as he couldn’t wait for. It seems to be strange but “The Lord of The Rings” was written without any plan. Tolkien said that at first time especially in first part “The Fellowship of the Ring” his heroes just went ahead and neither they nor the author know where. In difference from the majority of the authors who firstly create the main line of the plot and then add details Tolkien did it contrawise. Small details brought unwaiting changes in the plot. Tolkien repeated many times that the creation of Middle-Earth languages made him to write his novel. He said that for him at first there was the name and then story followed this name. At first Tolkien chose the name for character and then thought how to put him into the plot. The brightest example of lack of plan is the ring that Bilbo found in “The Hobbit”. When Tolkien began to write “ The Lord of The Rings” he didn’t know what role it’ll play in the plot of his novel. The character who later became Aragorn at first was a hobbit-traveler called Trotter. This name was formed from the verb “to trot” that means “to run”. Tolkien liked this name very much and didn’t want to give it up for a long time. Even when Keepers of The Ring reached the Gate of Moria Tolkien didn’t guess about existence of Rohan and Lorien. Maybe it gives the reason why events in “The Fellowship of the Ring” develop so slow. It’s surprising that when Tolkien wrote the half of “The Fellowship of the Ring” he thought that he did 3/4th of his work and planned to finish it there where now the first part of “the Lord of The Rings” ends. Проект выполнен: - учитель английского языка Мирикова Ольга Юрьевна2016

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