Экскурсия по краеведческому музею с. Лесное

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The visiting the halls of the museum. The aim of the project: The problems The education the good attitude to the native district, to the nature, to the people their region
Morosow I.I.

The exhibits are in the 7 rooms represented. The museum tells the history of Lesnoi district The teacher of the school Smirnova G. P. is the leader of the museum.
In the picture gallery you can find the pictures of V. Kachanov, E. Paimanov, V. Malyshev, K. Andreev. V. Kachanov – “On the bank of Sorogosha”
V. Kachanov – “Mologa near the villige Guseevo”
“Near the hill”“The corner of Lesnoye”

The hall of working fame – is “National education”, “Trade”, “Village farm”, “Health service”, “The history of Komsomol and party”, “The first employers”
The hall of the working fame
The room of the sea fame tells about D.S.Ylyin, the hero of Chesma, about modern week-days of seamen. The shipmodel “Thunder”The lieutenant Dmitri Ilyin sailed the such ship. VP.Kryilov at the exposition “The corner of Antarctika” . He tells about it.
The favourite museum”s penguin. The materials of this room tell us about revolution, about Civil war and Great father War, about events in Afghanistan, Czechoslovakia and Chechnya. “The window in the nature.” In this window like to look the pupils of elementary schools The visiting of the museum

The visiting of the museum
More than 4 thousand peoples visited the museum. They are inhabitant and visitors our district.
The gests of the museum were The great friends of the museums areGolovin A.N. – the captain of the second rank who presented to the museum a lot of the exhibits connected with the seaSkvortsov V.V. – the Lieutenant colonel of reserve the representative of the organization “Sphiks-79” The room of every dayIt contained in itself a lot of objects of hous utensils, instruments of peasant work, products of local potters, objects from bark Objects of old times Carrying out of mass actions on the basis of a museum. The meeting of the generations.
The congratulation of the veteran.
The congratulation of the veteran. The meeting with veterans of Afghanistan.

The meeting with veterans of Afghanistan. The changing of the information at the forum “I-am patriot” We work on the section "Search" The young guides of the museum are: Kudryavtsev Genadiy Dobrohodova Darya Tarushkina Darya Snezhkova Julia Nikolaeva Ljubov
The museum is the center of patriotic education. The project "Great-grandsons – about the war" The project "Heroes don't die", devoted to the hero of the Soviet Union G.F.Kelpsh The project "Tragedy of one day", devoted to events of 1943
Our teachers - children of the war The project "Sea knot", devoted to our fellow countrymen - to the seamen

It’s important, that there is such museum in our school, the museum of regional ethnography. Here are respected traditions, learnt past of the people, conducted the work of regional ethnography. Here are collected documents about school – leavers of our school. Active members of the museum carry out excursions, collaborate with museum. We are proud of it. Conclusion Project is made by SolovyevaLudmilaVasilyevnatheEnglishteacher The leader of the museum of regional ethnographySmirnovaGalinaPavlovna The pupil of the 11th form Nikolaeva Lubov Sneshkova Yuliya the pupil of the 11th form The soundproducer – Boitsov Maksim Thank you for watching

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