The New Year Traditions in English-Speaking countries

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The New Year Traditions in English Speaking countries The New Year Celebration in England Before 1752, English people celebrated the New Year on Christmas Day. Now they do it on the 1st of January. New Year is traditionally a family holiday and all relatives gather together for a big meal. The traditional dish is pudding. The New Year Celebration in England All people take part in the New Year parade, with dancers, drummers, acrobats and musicians. The main parade takes place in front of the Parliament. English believe that the first guest for the year would bring good luck for them. He should be a male with dark hair, he should enter through the front door and bring some traditional gifts like coal to light the fire, or he is not allowed. The New Year in Scotland The New Year in Scotland is called Hogmanay. It means “ A new morning” The New Year in Scotland One of the main attributes of Hogmanay are fire works and candles. They should banish evil ghosts and spirits. That’s why people in Scotland have great processions with torches all over city. The traditional New Year dish is Haggis. People wear kilts and play bagpipes. The New Year in ItalyHuge midnight fireworks displays celebrate the coming of the new year.Dancing is also popular and many towns have public music and dancing before the fireworks. The traditional New Year food Families and friends In Italy get together for a huge feast. The traditional dish is lentils, which symbolizes money and good fortune for the coming year. The more lentils you eat, the more money you’ll have. It’s interesting… An old custom that is still followed in some places, is throwing your old things out of the window to symbolize your readiness to accept the New Year. Italian children believe in a kind fairy Befana. The New Year Celebration in SpainPeople in Spain celebrate the New Year on the 31st of December with their families at home. . Until midnight people tend to stay at home and on the stroke of midnight it is traditional to eat 12 grapes, one on each stroke of the clock to bring good luck for the New Year Don’t forget to wear the customary red underwear which must be bought for you by someone else! The New Year celebration in Canada People in Canada celebrate Christmas and the New Year with their families and friends. They decorate the Christmas tree as the Russians do. Children believe in Santa Clause. The New Year celebration in Canada People in Toronto go on a traditional parade in the centre of the city. It is the brightest and the biggest parade in the world. The New Year celebration in CanadaAt midnight all people watch fantastic fireworks. At home you should decorate a natural fir tree or you won’t have good luck in the new year. The New Year celebration in Canada Children in Canada cook special biscuits and exchange them at night. People in Canada has a very strange tradition – they wear ugly old sweaters for the celebration. What is a traditional New Year dish in England?What kind of musical instruments do people play in Scotland?Which dish will bring you money in Italy?In what country eating grapes can bring you good luck?Who prefers natural fir trees to the artificial ones? Thank you for your attention and have a good luck throughout the year.

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