Входной тест по английскому языку по грамматике английского языка

Упражнение 1. Insert have or has.
I ________ a mouseYou _________a mouse.
He_________a mouse.
She_________a mouse.
It _________ a sheep.
2. Choose the right item.
1. There (is, are) a carpet in my room.
2. There (is, are) three windows in my classroom.
3. There (is, are) a sofa and four chairs in my living-room.
4. There (is, are) a table, four chairs and two lamps in our room.
5. There (is, are) a plate and two cups on the table.
6. There (is, are) two bedrooms and a bathroom in my house.
1.Подбери правильное притяжательное местоимение
I You He She It We You they
Our Their My His Your Her Its Your
Впиши необходимоепритяжательное местоимение:
1.This is me and this is ______bag.
2.We are Tom and Kate and this is ______dog.
3.This is my father and this is _____car.
4.This is Kate and this is_______ doll.
5.This is my dog and this is______ bone.
Найдите пары: слова из первого столбика и соответствующие цифры из второго.
seventy-two a) 31
thirteen b) 11
fifty-six c) 660
eighty d) 72
eighteen e) 315
twenty-three f) 100
eleven g) 13
ninety h) 49
twelve i) 925
twenty j) 18
nineteen k) 80
forty-nine l) 504
one hundred m) 217
thirty-one n) 410
four hundred and ten o) 90
six hundred and sixty p) 56
five hundred and four q) 23
nine hundred and twenty-five r) 20
two hundred and seventeen s) 19
three hundred and fifteen t) 12
Present Simple.
Put the verbs in correct form.
Kate (to drink) tea every morning.
We (to play) football every day.
He (to be) a pupil.
My sister (to get up) at 7 o’clock.
They (to leave) home at 8.30 every morning.
My mother (to be) busy on Sunday.
We (to arrive) home late.
The children always (to do) homework.
They (to read) the newspapers every evening.
We often (to drink) tea together.
She (to have)a new dress.

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