Входной Тест по английскому языку

Входной тест для 8 класса
В заданиях 1-12 необходимо найти нужную вставку и отметить ее номер в бланке ответов.
1. Mike … good at history.
a) are b) be c) is d) am
2. Last summer they … to the village.
a) go b) went c) gone d) goes
3. My school day usually … at 8 o’clock in the morning.
a) is beginning b) began c) begins d) will begin
4. We … in Cricket Festival next Sunday.
a) takes part b) take part c) will take part d) took part
5. Mother … already … dinner.
a) have made b) is making c) has made d) was making
6. When I came they … the idea of starting a business.
a) are discussing b) were discussing c) was discussing d) is discussing
7. Earmuffs were … by a teenager, Chester from Maine.
a) invent b) invention c) invented d) inventor
8. Our family was in a summer camp at …seaside.
a) an b) a c) the d) -
9. Twice a week Nancy goes … the hospital.
a) in b) on c) to d) at
10. Robert thinks that part-time job makes him feel ….
a) old b) older c) the oldest d) more old
11. We are going to take … in the competitions.
a) care b) part c) notice d) place
12. I like reading books, but my younger sister is fond of … TV.
a) seeing b) looking c) watching d) observing
13. Выберите правильный вопрос к подчеркнутому.
There are a lot of unknown things around us.
1) What are there around us?
2) How many things are there around us?
3) What things are there around us?
4) Are there a lot of things are there around us?
14. Выберите правильный вопрос к предложению.
Some girls decided to start their own business.
1) Do the girls decided to start their own business?
2) Did the girls decided to start their own business?
3) Did the girls decide to start their own business?
4) Decided the girls to start their own business?
15. Выберите правильный перевод к предложению.
The museum was opened from the early morning.
1) Музей открыли рано.
2) Музей открыли поздно.
3) Музей был открыт с раннего утра.
4) Музей был открыт весь день.
Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы 16-21.(kennel – собачья конура)
Bill and Sam were brothers. They lived in a village. Their parents had got a large garden. In the garden there was a dog’s kennel. Sam’s dog Jack lived there.
One day the children said to themselves, “Our dog is very big and the kennel is too small for the dog. Let’s make a new kennel for our Jack.
On Sunday the boys began to make a new kennel for the dog. The weather was not very good. It was going to rain and the dog did not want to go into the new kennel. Then Bill said, “Let’s take a piece of meat and put it into the kennel.”But the brothers did not have time to do it. It began to rain and the dog ran into the kennel. The brothers were happy. Their dog had got a new big kennel and it was very nice.
16. Определите тему текста и закончите предложение
The text describes how …
1) Two boys went to a village.
2) Two boys started their own business.
3) Two boys made a new kennel for the dog.
4) Two boys helped their parents in the garden.
17. Выберите предложение, соответствующее содержанию текста
1) Once Bill and Sam went to the seaside with their parents.
2) Bill and Sam were good friends.
3) The boys put a piece of meat into the kennel.
4) The boys were going to put a piece of meat into the kennel.
18. Выберите предложение, не соответствующее содержанию текста
1) The family lived in a village.
2) Their garden was very small.
3) The weather was not very good on Sunday.
4) The brothers were happy; the dog had got a new kennel.
19. Укажите правильный ответ на вопрос
Why did the boys make a new kennel?
Because the dog had got no kennel.
2) Because the boys liked making things with their own hands.
3) Because the dog was very big.
4) Because the boys wanted to earn some money.
20. Закончите предложение в соответствии с текстом
It was …, the dog had got a new kennel.
1) well 2) nice 3) pretty 4) funny
21. Выберите наиболее удачный заголовок
1) In a village
2) Rainy Sunday
3) A new kennel
4) A piece of meat
В заданиях 22-24 выберите нужную вставку
22. We use a … for cleaning the carpets.
1) washing-machine
2) fridge
3) vacuum-cleaner
4) toaster 23. The author of “The Adventure of Tom Sawyer” Mark Twain was an … writer.
1) English 2) American 3) Russian 4) Spanish
24. At the … you can find many books, leaflets and cassettes.
1) museum 2) library 3) theatre 4) laboratory
25. Предложите помощь родителям
1) I always need your help.
2) Can I help you?
3) Don’t worry.
4) Would you like it?
26. Согласитесь с высказыванием вашего друга
1) I can’t say so/
2) You are wrong.
3) I agree.
4) I don’t think so.
27. Скажите об успехах своего друга в учебе
1) He looks lovely.
2) He is my best friends.
3) He goes to school.
4) He is doing well at school.
28. Ваш друг открыл собственное дело. Выразите свое одобрение.
1) Thank you.
2) I think so.
3) It’s funny.
4) It’s a very good idea.
29. Убедите своего друга в том, что чтение книг важно и полезно.
1) It’s easy. You can make it yourself.
2) It’s tasty. You’ll like it.
3) It’s useful. You can learn much interesting.
4) It’s difficult. Ask anyone to help you.
30. Пригласите друга в театр
1) Let’s play.
2) Don’t go to the theatre.
3) I’m glad.
4) Let’s go and see the play.
1 c
11 b 21-3
2 b
12 c 22-3
3 c
13-3 23-2
4 c
14-3 24-2
5 c
15-3 25-2
6 b
16-3 26-3
7 c
17-3 27-4
8 c
18-2 28-4
9 c
19-3 29-3
10 b
20-2 30-4
Критерии оценки
30-27б. – 5
26-21б. – 4
20-15б. - 3

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