Use of English Term 4/ Form 7 (Афанасьева, Михеева)

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II Complete the dialogues using comparative and superlative degrees of he adjectives.
1 A: This ruler is too short, I need a ___ one.
B: Here you are This is the __ I’ve got.
2A: This bike is very expensive. Have you got any that is __?
B: Sorry, the __ makes have been sold out.
3 A: This piece of apple pie is too big for me. Can I have a __ one?
B: All right. Take this one. It is the __ of all.
4A: These video films are very old. Haven’t you got any __ videos?
B: Sorry, the __ videos have all gone.
5A: I thought this test would be __ that the last one. That one was very difficult.
B: Alas! It is the __ test we have ever had.
III Choose the right words to complete the sentences.
1 If you’ve got some problems with your video, I’ll ask my brother to repair/mend it.
2 Mr Been greeted/said goodbye to us with a nod and passed by.
3 I’ll choose that gold/golden colour for the wallpaper in my sitting room.
4 When you play bowling, you throw/drop the ball at some wooden objects.
5 The berries are sour/sweet, don’t eat them without sugar.
6 He came at a very fortunate/unfortunate time and stopped the thieves from stealing his car.
7 I have just bought a very good new dictionary/vocabulary, I’m sure it’ll be quite helpful.
8 How many homes/houses are there in your street?
9 Look at this amazing dress It’s the last/latest fashion.
10 The travellers did/made a fire to warm themselves.
11 You won’t master the language unless/if you learn its grammar.
12 Here are two cards with words, take any/either of them.
IV Put the articles where necessary.
It was__ nice frosty evening if __ early winter and Jane decided to go for __ walk up __ road. She heard __ horse coming down. Soon she saw her master approaching her. “what are you doing all alone here on __ dark night like that? I’ll talk to you __ tomorrow morning. We’d better discuss your behavior in __ daytime that at __ dusk.” He rode past and Jane felt embarrassed as if she had done something bad. __ evening didn’t seem nice and peaceful anymore.
V Correct the mistakes.
1 Steve goes fishing tomorrow.
2 Tim doesn’t wants to do his homework.
3 I was going to the cinema last Saturday.
4 Dad was repairing the TV while Mum cooked dinner.
5 we have bought a new sofa last month.
6 My father has went fishing.
7 I am at school since nine o’clock.
8 She is just moved house.
9 I’ll call you when I will finish work.
10 The film is starting at 8 o’clock.
11 Wait here until he will come.
12 Mandy will buy a car as soon as she will pass her driving test.
13 I’ve been knowing Lilian for years.
14They play golf once the week

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