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Catherine II - the Great Russian Empress.The second half of the XVIII centuryRussia is connected with the name of the Empress,whose reign was an epoch in theHistory strany.Mudry policies and thinlish diplomat, Catherine II soughtthe strengthening of autocracy and the establishmentNIJ favorable conditions for eco-nomic and cultural development of the country.The reign of Catherine - one of the selfMykh glorious and difficult periods, whiching has been on the country's historygreat.Prezentacii.com
«Or I die or will reign. » Коронация новой императрицы произошла 22сентября 1766 года. Catherine was born on April 21, 1729 Her realthe name of August Fryderyk Sophia of Anhalt Zerbst,adopting Orthodoxy, she was engaged to a greatPrince Peter Fedorovich Romanov, whereuponHe received the title of Grand Duchess and a new nameCatherine. Slowly but surely, she moved to theRussian throne, according Kliuchevskoi "Stronglyawl double gripper: the power away from her husband and Pe-Reda her son, the natural heir to his father. "
Emperor Peter III  (Spouse Catherine) The son of the Empress (Pavel Petrovich) The personality of the empress. The Empress was seasoned well who is able to control himself, to suppress anger, maintain a conversation while patient to the shortcomings of the people, but to the implacable enemies, she could be cruel. Catherine had a fairly developed sense of humor, in her correspondence lot of sarcasm and irony. Favorites' of Catherine II Family Happiness Empress test failed. The relationship did not work out with my son, he could not forgive mother occupied the throne. Heart Catherine characterize business relationships with its many fans.Count Grigory Orlov. Prince Potemkin. Dmitriyev-Mamonov A.Lanskoy. The last favorite of Catherine II, His Serene Highness Prince Peter Zubov, governor-general of New Russia and komanduyu- extending the Black Sea Fleet.
Immediately after the accession ofCatherine was noticeabletireless activitythe public body.It was one of those,statesmen,It is not intended toonly the king, but also to control."We must act slowly, with caution and reason. "Catherine II. When Catherine II, monasteries, dioceses have become completely dependent on the state, which took them on its contents.      Catherine II facilitated and monastic life of the peasants, to free them from the daily punishment of life in the servants, forced marriages.Of course, such changes caused dissatisfaction on the part of the church.  A serious case was Arseny Matseevich, oppose such a decision on the church estates.
Russian banknotes.Bank notes were printed in the most primitive way of printing, but to prevent counterfeiting - fonts and triple numbering was a special type.Also, for each denomination was made special paper: for 5-ruble - blue, for the 10-ruble - red and pink, for 25, 60, 100, 200 rubles - white. They had water drawings.        In 1769, they organized the Assignation Bank in St. Petersburg and Moscow 'udders for money. "
Russian - Turkish war of 1768 -1774godov"Mustafa was a war as little prepared as we are" - Catherine II wrote Voltaire.War was declared the sultan's court. The Empress took up the matter with her characteristic energy and methodically. She was confident of success, but the time when the Turks will be beaten, had to wait a long 6 years.
Price great merits of the Empress Catherine II, she was raised a magnificent monument in St. Petersburg, in Tsarskoye Selo, Ekaterinoslav, Simferopol, Nakhichevan, and the centenary of the death of the Empress, made magnificent monument in Odessa.

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