«Урок в 6 классе по теме «Discover Britain»

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Discover Great Britain Tour of Britain revise the main issue about GB; read and listen for getting extra facts about GB; take an imaginary trip around GB. The United Kindom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland London Edinburgh Cardiff Belfast Britain Cornwall I. New words- bay – a part of the sea that is partly enclosed by a curve in the land; - to get away – to leave a place ;- seal - - sanctuary - an area for birds or animals where they are protected and cannot be hunted;- Tintagel [tɪn'tжʤəl] - is a village situated in Cornwall, UK.II. QuestionWhy is Cornwall a place which attracts tourists? Scotland Scotland I. New words- leather – animal skin that has been treated to preserve it, and is used for making shoes, bags; - sporran – a special bag made of leather or fur, that a Scotsman wears in front of a kilt;stateroom – a large room in a castle or palace, which is used for formal or important occasionsII. Video Scotland Wales London

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