«Урок проверки занаий «тест» 8 класс»

Open the brackets using Past Simple /Past Continuous.
Newton … (make) a great discovery while he … (sit) under an apple tree.
They … (stop) inside the shop because it … (rain) hard outside.
Beethoven … (write) his tenth symphony when he … (die).
When I … (open) the window I was happy to see that it … (snow).
2. Rewrite the sentences using used to / didn’t use to
1. We didn’t have a dishwasher when I was little.
2. Jim played in the team last year. He doesn’t play anymore.
3. I knew few famous people. Now many of them are my friends.
4. My granny enjoyed knitting. Now she prefers outdoor activities.
5. My skin looked pale in spring. Now I’m sun-tanned
3. Complete the sentences using too /enough
1. I was getting … old for romantic relationships.2. They had … cash for a one-way ticket.3. Amanda is far … young to get married.4. The rooms are all large … to take a third bed.5. There are … many cars on the road.
4. Translate the sentences using modal verbs Could / Had to
Я вынужден был сделать это.
Он мог читать, когда ему было семь лет.
Когда Том был ребенком, он не мог писать письма.
Катя должна была закончить проект к среде.
Они вынуждены были вернуться к 10 часам.
5. Translate the words in English.
1. мешковатый (широкие)
2. клетка
3. клеш
4. остроносые (туфли)

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