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Jeremy Mann By Uliana Kraeva Jemmy Mann is a modern American artist, which was born in 1979. He has graduated from the Ohio university and has received the bachelor's degree in the fine arts. Since then Mann became popular in the world of art drawing. Not so long ago one of his works has decorated a cover of the American magazine "American Art Collector". Executed on average and large-scale panels, each of his pictures shows unique style of the artist. Mann works at wooden panels which allow him to use a number of methods which are impossible on canvases: coloring of a surface, deleting of paint with solvents and use of ink of Breyer. In Mann's pictures confidence and talent is felt. He addresses difficult subjects, his last compositions I possess the atmosphere, are full of bright colors or on the contrary their minimum. Mann covers a wide range of questions outside city landscapes: young women, bright and intriguing, as the city, courageous and uneasy self-portraits, still lifes and pastoral stages which remind a landscape of his hometown.. Look at some of his works Thank you for your attention!

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