«Урок- презентация по английскому языку в 7 классе по теме «У врача»

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Текстовое содержимое слайдов презентации:

Health and body care. .prepared by Poltorakova M.V. school №67 Ryazan, 2011 [Λ]LungPulseTouchBlood [θ]HealthHealthyWealthWealthy [t∫/∫]ChestTouchTemperaturePressure [e] Health Wealth Medicine Regular Read and translate the sentences. Good health is above wealth. (proverb) Too little food makes you thin. Too much food makes you fat. Too wrong food makes you ill. The right food keeps you well. Too many sweets are bad especially for your teeth. Let’s learn the new words. chest lung Cough Кашель,Кашлять. Blood Кровь Pressure Давление Break Ломать,Нарушать,Разбивать. Regular Регулярный Pulse Health Здоровье Touch Трогать Immediately Немедленно Temperature Medicine МедицинаЛекарство. Hurt Причинять боль Pain Silly Глупый Match the words. Chest Lung Cough Blood Pressure Pulse Health Hurt Pain Silly КровьДавлениеПульсЗдоровьеЛегкоеПричинять больГлупыйКашельГрудьБоль Give it a name. The upper, front part of the body. One of the two organs of breathing in the chest of a man and animals. To force air from the lungs with a sudden, sharp sound. To put a hand or other part of the body or on something. At once. A feeling of being hurt. Foolish. Make up sentences with new word combinations.. Example: When doctor comes to visit his patient, he usually listens to his chest and lungs. Takes his blood pressure, takes his temperature, feels his pulse, tells him to take the medicines regularly, tells him how many times a day to take this medicines. The word Ache (боль). He has a headache. He has a toothache. He has a stomachache. Look at the screen and say what you should do and what you shouldn’t. You ShouldShouldn’t Take medicines after meals Go to the dentist if you have a headache Take blood pressure Do morning exercises regularly Eat healthy food Offend your friends Lie in the sun for 6 hours What people do if: They have a headache.They can’t sleep.They have a toothache.They have a pain in the heart.They have a cold.They have a stomachache. Go to the dentist, call a doctor, go to bed, take some medicine, have a walk outdoors, drink warm milk, drink warm milk with honey or butter.

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