Урок- подготовка к сочинению в 10 классе в формате ЕГЭ

Конспект открытого урока.
учителя английского языка Хамадеевой Э.Р.
Тема: « Урок подготовка к сочинению –рассуждению в формате ЕГЭ»
Цель урока:
-развитие коммуникативной компетенции учащихся средствами английского языка;
-повторение экзаменационных стратегий написания эссе.
1.Закрепление и расширение лексических навыков по теме.
2.Развитие навыков говорения.
3.Закрепление и расширение навыков выражения своего мнения по теме и умения вести дискуссию.
4.Вспомнить с учащимися экзаменационные стратегии написания эссе.
1.Урок направлен на развитие творческих способностей учащихся.
2.Развитие интереса к изучаемому предмету.
3.Развитие навыков критического мышления.
1.Сформировать личное отношение ученика к обсуждаемой проблеме.
2. Сориентировать учащихся в современной системе общечеловеческих
Ход урока.I.Орг. момент.II.Today we are going to prepare for our future composition. Firstly, let’s remember the structure of composition in English. Answer my questions:
How many parts are in it?---- 5
The first part is…. Stating the problem. There we have to give two points of view to the problem. Opposite points.
The second is positive arguments to our point of view. Usually, three arguments.
The next ( the third) is negative arguments( usually 2 arguments)
The next is why we don’t think so. Why don’t we agree?
The last one is conclusion.
How many words do we have to use?---- 200-250 words.
So, that is the structure of our future composition.
III. Look at the blackboard and read and translate the theme of our future composition:
“ Lots of teenagers are keen on playing computer games. However, adults are sure that computer games teach us nothing and young people should avoid them”
-Let’s remember our words and words combinations concerning of this theme.
- to have different hobbies;
-to be caused the appearance of computers;
-to keep a child occupied for hours;
-a complete waste of time;
- to be mindless entertainment;
-to teach people to achieve aims;
-to overcome in order to progress;
-to be a valuable source of accidental learning;
- to start to appreciate educational games;
-to be against of this activity;
-to find something rather harmful;
-to neglect school work;
-to relax after a hard day;
- to eliminate the bad effect of computers;
-to have more advantages than drawbacks;
- to make somebody persistent;
- to develop logical reasoning;
-to help to escape from everyday problems;
- to find a right balance between virtual reality and everyday life.
IV. Give me the translation of these words and word combinations.
V. Dear students! Look! There are a few cards with words and word combinations on your tables. So, we have 5 groups and there are 5 cards on the tables.
Listen to me attentively!
The 1-st table – your task is –make up a few sentences to state the problem, using words and word combinations given in your cards.
The 2 nd table – your task is to give three positive arguments of using computers and computer games.
The 3 rd table - give two negative arguments.
The 4 th table . Your task is express your opinion why you don’t agree and don’t think so.
The 5 th table- Do the conclusion of our future composition.
VI. Students! Write down your own parts using your cards. I’ll give you a few minutes.
VII. Answers of students:
1 st table People have different hobbies but technological progress has caused the appearance of computers and computer games which can keep a child occupied for hours. However, adults consider computer games a complete waste of time.
2 nd table As for me, I believe computers are more than mindless entertainment. Firstly, they teach people to achieve their aims and teach people to overcome in order to progress. Secondly, computer games can be a valuable source of accidental learning. Finally, teachers start to appreciate educational games as an opportunity to make their lessons more exciting.
3 rd table Despite of all these positive effects, a few people are against this activity, as they find it rather harmful for children’s health. They also argue that computer games make teens waste their time and neglect their school work.
4 th table Nevertheless, I’m sure that if we play games in order to relax after a hard day, this will not do us any harm. What is more, modern technology has made it possible to eliminate this bad effect of computers on our eyes.
5 th table To sum up, I believe that computer games have more advantages than drawbacks. They make us persistent, develop our logical reasoning and help us to escape from everyday problems. The thing is to find a right balance between virtual reality and everyday life.
VIII. So students, we have made up the whole composition. And we’ll write it down next lesson. The next task is making up dialogues using our lexical units concerning this theme. The situation is : One of you considers computers as useful for young people and another point is they teach teenagers nothing and young people should avoid them.
IX. Dialogues.
X. Let’s remember our grammar. Tree types of conditional sentences.
1 тип. Реальное действие ,которое может произойти в будущем при каком-то условии.
If(when) Present Simple + Future Simple
2 тип. Выражает нереальное действие на данный момент действие, которое невозможно в настоящем или в будущем. Переводится с частицей бы.
If(when)Past Simple + Future in the Past
3 тип. Выражает нереальное действие , которое не про изошло в прошлом.
If(when) Past Perfect+Future in the Past +Present Perfect.
XI. Translate such sentences using our grammar.
Если я буду пользоваться компьютером я узнаю больше.
If I use computer , I will know more.
Если бы я пользовался часто компьютером ,я бы знал больше.
If I used computer very often, I would know more.
Если бы я на прошлом занятии воспользовался компьютером, я бы узнал больше.
If I had used computer at the last lesson, I would have known more.
So, students I’m very satisfied with your working today. Great! Good Wishes for you! Your home task is prepare for composition.

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