Урок по теме «Соединенные штаты Америки»

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The United States of America Among big rivers are the Colorado and the Missouri. The Grand Canyon is one of the American’s main tourist attractions. It is different at different times of the day, and in different seasons and weather. MightyTo stretchA shoreTo riseА beachA desertA chainA skyscraperMixtureTo meltattraction  1.This tea is …of different sorts. 2.Rivers have always been used as important….3.What do children usually build on the beach? -…4.Disneyland is a place full of …..5.At what temperature does ice …?6.Do you know where the Moskva river…?7.From the deck they could see a beautiful cottage on the … of the lake.8.The …was sandy and we often played there in summer.9.The eagle flew up to the sky on its …wings.

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