«Урок по теме «Общение в бизнес среде»

Урок по теме «Общение в бизнес среде»
План урока:
Изучение активной лексики урока.
Чтение и перевод диалогов
Составление диалогов с использованием активной лексики
Accept - принимать
Admit - отмечать
Advertise - рекламировать
Advise - советовать
Afford - позволять
Approve - одобрять
Build - строить
Buy - покупать
Calculate - подсчитывать
Cancel - отменять
Change - изменять
Charge - запрашивать цену
Check - проверять
Choose - выбирать
Complain - жаловаться
Complete - завершать
Confirm - подтверждать
Consider - рассматривать
Decide - решать
Deliver - поставлять
Discount - делать скидку, снижать
Dispatch - разгружать
Distribute - поставлять
Divide - делить, разделять
Establish - устанавливать
Estimate - оценивать
Exchange - менять, обменивать
Extend - продлевать
Fix - устанавливать
Fund - финансировать, спонсировать
Improve - улучшать
Increase - увеличивать
Inform - информировать
Install - устанавливать
Invest - инвестировать
Invoice – выписывать, выставлять счет
Join - присоединяться
Lend – одалживать, давать заем
Lower – снижать, понижать
Maintain - поддерживать
Measure - измерять
Mention - упоминать
Own - владеть
Pack - упаковывать
Pay - платить
Produce - производить
Promise - обещать
Promote - продвигать
provide - снабжать, доставлять, обеспечивать
Receive - получать
Remind - напоминать
Sell - продавать
Suggest – предлагать
Underestimate - недооценивать

EnglishПеревод на русский
agentагент, представитель
agreementсоглашение, договор
bargain priceцена с уступкой
bedrock priceнаименьшая возможная цена
counter-offerответное предложение
counter-productiveприводящий к обратным результатам
discountдисконт, скидка
estimateприблизительная цена
feasibleреализуемый, возможный, выполнимый
negotiations переговоры
quoteназначенная цена
bargainТорговаться, сделка
consensusобщее, совместное соглашение
cordiallyвежливо, обходительно
receptiveоткрытый, восприимчивый
trade-offвзаимные уступки
Dialogue 1
A: And now I’d like to discuss with you the year results of our new contract with the “TechArt Group”.
B: So the contract was signed 10 months ago and in the beginning the outcome was under a big question. We provided them with high quality raw materials for their production chain but one supply was with a big percentage of waste.
A: So how did you solve the problem?
B: We changed the delivery and suggested them a discount on the following dispatch. Now our total turnover is over 2 billion dollars. It is 5% higher than what we expected.
A: That is a good outcome. Are they going to sign a contract for the next year deliveries?
B: Yes, they certainly will. They are happy with our delivery terms and payments. And what is more, we are discussing their new project now.
A: It is great. Keep working this way.
Dialogue 2
-So we gathered here to discuss budget planning for the next year expenditures. What I want to underline is that basing on the latest research we are going to face some financial difficulties. So we need to prepare and cut the budget.
-First of all I would like to say that no redundancy will take place. We are staffed better than ever before. All our employees correspond to the required level and do their job well. Besides, we cannot cut down production financing. As even a small decrease in the quality of raw materials largely results in the goods quality.
-So what is going to be cut down is the marketing budget. I appreciate what marketing department does for the company. What is more, I realize that this is going to create huge difficulties for the marketers. But we all understand what will happen if we don’t do this way.Dialogue 3
–Hello. May I talk to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), please?
–Good morning. Mister Browson is busy at the moment. He is holding a meeting. Do you mind leaving the message for him, please?
–No, I don't.  It is Mr. Sparrow calling. We arranged to meet for discussion of our new contract. So I'm calling to confirm.
–Oh, yes, Mr. Sparrow. I was looking forward to your call. Mr.Browson asked me to confirm that he would meet you at the Brew at 2 p.m.
–It is very good. Thank you for information. Looking forward to meeting him.
Dialogue 4
–The recent research of average customer consumption revealed that we are going to face the forthcoming problems.
-Our turnover decreased by 15% while the profit is 7.5% lower than last season. So we need to change the way we are working now. And the sphere we need to pay lots of attention to is logistics and delivery.
-The goods departure needs to become cheaper. Transportation and storage costs need to be cut down. That is the main and the most obvious thing to do.
-As we can’t influence custom duties we need to think over what else we can do to reduce our logistics expenditures.

Dialogue 5
–Hello, Mr. Collins.
-Good morning, Mr. Evans.
-So we’ve met to discuss our future mutual development.
-Yes. Our businesses can produce much more together rather than by themselves. You specialize in marketing and we specialize in producing high-quality goods. That is going to give an amazing synergy.
-I hope it will. Have you seen the contract yet?
-Yes. My lawyers looked it through and I am ready to sign and start working.
-That’s great. So I suggest celebrating such a move in our development. In our company we have a tradition to meet outside the office on a yearly basis. So why don’t we commit this year gathering to our agreement?
-That is a very good idea.

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