Урок по теме National Stereotypes

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Урок National Stereotypes (Для совместного урока русских и китайских обучающихся)
Today we'll speak about national stereotypes, discuss the stereotypical traits of some nationalities, read the text and exchange our stereotypical ideas about each other (views of each other)
I How can we define a stereotype?
(Обучающиеся и гости дают определение, На доске - определение: Stereotypes are qualities assigned to groups of people related to their race, nationality, sexual orientation)
What kinds of stereotypes do you know?
II Listen to the song and watch the cartoon. What is this song about? What typical national things can you find in this song?
(песня c мультиком слова на парте)
What is this song about? (This song is about being an alien in a foreing country)
It's sometimes difficult to understand people from other nations because they are different
III Работа с текстом
National stereotypes rarely give a true picture of the nation. Nevertheless they do exist.Match the following nationalities with the following steretypes
1.The Italians all eat a) stupid
2.The Scottish are b) mean
3. The English are c) pasta
4. The French eat d) garlic
5. The Irish are e) reserved
6. The Greeks are f) passionate
Keys:1c;2b; 3e; 4d; 5a; 6f
Do you think these stereotypes true?Can you add some more?
(У добавляют еще)
2 Чтение текста (таблица)
Different nations have different stereotypes of each other. Read the text “A Scholar’s view
On Nationality Stereotypes”. In the text you’ll come across quite a number of characteristic traits of different nations. Are they always positive?Do they always/ never coincide?
Fill in the chart. Find positive and negative characteristic traits of the nationalities.
(Читают. говорят
IV Now we are going to see what stereotypes of each other people in Russia and China have.
Обе группы получают набор стереотипов
You’ve got some caracteristics on the tables. Your task is to pick out the ones which you find typical for the opposite side.Russian students will decide what is right considering Chinese people and our friends from China will try to caractewrise Russians.
Обучающиеся анализируют стереотипные представления друг о друге и выражают согласие/ несогласие
What do you think Russians to be? Do you agree?
Now I want the Russian students to tell us how they see Chinese people.
Which of those do you find true?
Now I would like you to characterize your own nations.
Can you see that we have a lot in common?
Вывод: We have a lot in common. And despite all our differences we can be friends.

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