«Урок по английскому языку для 9 класса «В магазине одежды»

Тема: «В магазине одежды»
Класс: 9
Образовательная цель: предполагается, что к концу занятия в результате активной познавательной деятельности учащиеся будут
знать: как вести разговор с продавцом в магазине одежды
уметь: правильно употреблять в устной речи местоимения another,other(s), the other, the other(s) для выражения собственного мнения по теме
4718685235585Развивающая цель: содействовать развитию основных коммуникативных и когнитивных качеств языковой личности учащихся
Воспитательная цель: создавать условия для воспитания культуры взаимодействия в процессе коммуникативно-познавательной деятельности учащихся
Оборудование: доска, учебник, раздаточный материал, телевизор, магнитофон
4471035323215Ход урока:
Good – morning pupils! Glad to see you all. How are you? Ann, you look wonderful today! Alex, I like your new shirt, it suits you perfectly!... (pupils compliment each other)
Setting the tasks
43853101002030Do you follow new fashion? What is fashionable now? What is your size in dress (shoes…)? Are you a shopaholic? Where do you buy clothes? Do you order from a mail-order catalogue? Do you always try on new clothes?...So, today we are going to speak about choosing clothes, we’ll visit the shop and buy something nice, we’ll use pronouns another, other(s), the other, the other(s) while at the shop and sing a song. No objections?
Lexical and phonetic activities
Time to start. Listen and repeat after the speaker (clothes)
Solve the riddles.
A piece of clothing for a woman or a girl that hangs from the waist
One of a pair of outer coverings for your feet, made of leather
A piece of clothing for a man worn on the upper part of the body with sleeves and collar
A knitted piece of clothing made of wool or cotton for the upper part of the body with long sleeves
A piece of clothing that is worn around your neck
A set of clothes made of the same cloth including a jacket and trousers
25146011430Short trousers that end at the knee
Loose soft shoes that you wear in the house
A type of light open shoe that is worn in warm weather
A piece of clothing that is worn over the foot especially inside a shoe
Vocabulary activities
What kind of shopper are you? Decide which answer (A,B,C or D) best fits each space Text “Choosing clothes” (pupils work in pairs for a few minutes then check the answers)
*Game “What kind of material is it?”
Listening activities
We are going to listen to the conversation of a shop-assistant and a customer at the shop. After the 1st listening answer the question- What dress did the woman buy?...4223385115570Now listen again and role-play the dialogues Ex.1, p.83
(4 pairs)
Grammar activities
Which sentences with the above pronouns in the dialogue mean the following Ex1, p.84?
Complete the dialogue with the pronouns Ex.2a, p. 84… then listen and check. Role-play the dialogue.
I’m sure you are tired after the hard work. Let’ sing the song by Elvis Presley - Blue Suede Shoes and relax… What is your favourite piece of clothes?
Oral speech activities
Listen to the dialogue and act out your own similar to it ( Blockbuster 4Ex.4,p.66)
4166235466725 *** What is your opinion on the school uniform? Design the best version for the pupils of our school
ReflexionRead the proverb on the blackboard and give your comments Сlothes do not make the man (pupils’ answers)
What grammar rule have we leant at the lesson?
What have you enjoyed doing?
Home assignment. Marks
I’m sure it will be easy for you to do Ex.4, p.86 for the next lesson. Look through it, any questions?
Your marks for the lesson are... (Comments)
Thank you very much for working. You are free to go now.
See you tomorrow.

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