«Урок по английскому языку для 10 класса «Типы школ в Великобритании»

Тема: « Типы школ в Великобритании»
Класс: 10
Образовательная цель: предполагается, что к концу занятия в результате активной познавательной деятельности учащиеся будут
знать: основные типы школ Великобритании
уметь: правильно употреблять в устной речи условные предложения для выражения собственного мнения по теме
Развивающая цель: содействовать развитию основных коммуникативных и когнитивных качеств языковой личности учащихся; развитию умений сравнивать, анализировать, высказывать суждения
Воспитательная цель: создавать условия для воспитания культуры взаимодействия в процессе коммуникативно-познавательной деятельности учащихся
4960620310515Оборудование: доска, учебник, раздаточный материал, мультимедийная презентация, компьютеры с подключением Интернет
Ход урока:
Good – morning pupils! Glad to see you all after the weekend. What’s new? Let’s congratulate the winners of the 2nd stage of the Olympiad held on Saturday …..
So we can make a conclusion that our school is the best.
Setting the tasks
And the topic of our lesson today is connected with school. We continue speaking about schools in GB and in our country as well. We are going to see the differences and the similarities of schools paying more attention to public schools in England. We are going to revise grammar-Conditionals and you will have an opportunity to speak a lot to each other
Lexical and phonetic activities
Time to start. Listen and repeat after the speaker (Slide 2 school subjects) What subjects are you good at? What subjects would you introduce into your school if you had an opportunity and why?
Oral speech activities
Let’s sum up what we have already leant about English schools (Slide 3 pupils speak about main types of schools completing the table).
Listening activities
We are going to watch and listen to some interviews about one famous school. (Slide 4)
Be attentive and after the 1st listening tell me what school they are speaking about…
Watch again and do the test that you have on the tables… Check the answers ( Slide 4)
Grammar activities
Time to master our grammar Open your laptops, (Slide 5 Round- up 4 Unit 13, Ex. 1,3Optional 2,4… Any questions? I’m always here to help.
3030220441960I’m sure you are tired after the hard work. (Slide 6) Listen to the song Dreamland and relax… What is your dream?
Oral speech activities
3211830199834548729901941195Form 2 groups 4 pupils each in order to continue our work. What was your home task for the lesson ?( Ex. 2, p. 81- to read three texts about the most famous private schools in England) ( Slide 7) Now you can surf the Net and find more information about the schools, then using it and the text you will speak to each other. Imagine 3 of you are from one of these schools and the 4th pupil is from our school. So describe your school mentioning the points you see (Slide 8) …Now the 1st group goes to the board to speak and the 2nd is checking if they have all the points and don’t be afraid of asking questions!
Surfing the Internet -5 min.
Speaking in groups -5 min.Presentation -5 min.***Role – play mini – dialogues
What would you do if you had to change school now?
What clothes would you wear to school if you had the right to choose?
Would you go to a single-sex school now?
What subjects would you change at school if you were the Minister of Education?
ReflexionRead the proverb on the blackboard and give your comments (Money spent on the brain is never spent in vain) (Slide 9)
What have we leant at the lesson? (Slide10)
Home assignment. Marks
4306570266700I’m sure it will be easy for you to prepare a topic “English System of Education” for the next lesson.
Your marks for the lesson are... (Comments)
Thank you very much for working. You are free to go now.
See you tomorrow. ( Slide 11)

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