«Урок не тему «Gardening in my town»

Grade: 6
Aims of the lesson: formation of knowledge of pupils on the theme "Gardening in England."
The theme of the lesson: Gardening in my town
Methods of the lesson: explanation, listening, pair work, individual work, question-answer.
Visual aids: an interactive board, pictures, cards
Procedure of the lesson:
Organization moment
Greeting: explanation of the objectives
Find the words.
Speaking and writing
Discuss the following questions in groups.
Do you have a garden?
What kind of garden would you like to have? Would you like a garden with vegetables or with flowers?
What do people usually do in the garden?
Do you like working in the garden?
a. Look at the picture and write down all the ideas that come to your mind.
Pronunciation practice
Listen and read
Plant, [plɑːnt] v – отырғызу
Water, [ˈwɔːt]| v – суғаруwhitewash, [ˈwaɪt’wɔʃ] v – ақтау
Prune, [pruːn] v – кесу (ағаш)
b. Read and write the words
a) [plɑːnt]
b) [ga:dn]
c) [ˈwaɪt’wɔʃ]
d) [ˈwɔːtə]
e) [pruːn]
4. Exchange ideas. Read the other students’ ideas.
5. Read the text, find the new words in the dialogue and pay attention to their meanings.
6. True (T) or false (F)? Correct the false sentences.
a) Mike phoned Omar yesterday. ___ ___
b) Omar and his family were in the garden. ___ ___
c) Omar’ s father was planting flowers. ___ ___
d) His mother was planting trees. ___ ___
e) Asel was whitewashing the gate. ___ ___
f) Omar was ptuning dead branches. ___ ___
g) Omar enjoys working in the garden. ___ ___
7. a. Write about what Omar’ s family was doing on Sunday.
His father …
His mother …
Asel …
Omar …
b. Write out the sentences in the Past Continuous from exercise 5.
8. Interview 2 or 3 friends.
9. Talk to your partners and complete the table.
Work in fours/ Interview your friends. Find someone who:
has a garden
has a garden with fruit trees and flowers
has a garden with a swimming pool
often works in the garden
enjoys working in the garden
wants to be
10. Tell the class about your interview.
I interviewed ____. She has a garden.
11. Write the words in the right column, check them and read.
pruning garden plant their town
there whitewashing enjoy flower vegetable
___ ___ ___ ___ ___
___ ___ ___ ___ ___
12. Practise the pronunciation of the words (exercise 11).
13. Read the text Home Gardening in the USA and false stattements.
Home Gardening in the USA
Most popular vegetables in the USA gardens are tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, sweet peppers, carrots, peas, sweet corn and onions.
American people like gardening. They spend 5 hours a week.
Flower shows and vegetable shows are popular in the USA.
14. True (T), false (F) or doesn’t say (DS)?
15. Talk to your partner.
16. Write. “Gardening in my village/town/city/school”.
Home work.

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