«Тест по теме «Past Simple or Past Continuous» , «Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous»

1. Complete the sentences with the Past Simple or the Past Continuous
I ____________ (watch) TV when she ____________ (call).
Sam ____________ (wait) for us when we ____________ (arrive).
The last time I ____________ (see) Daniel he ____________ (work).
He ____________ (break) his leg while he ____________ (skate).
Emily ____________ (talk) on the phone when I ____________ (come) in.
I____________ (not answer) the phone because I ____________ (study).
When my sister ____________ (be) younger, she ____________ (not like) soup.
I____________ (miss) the bus because I ____________ (sleep).
When I ____________ (see) her, she ____________ (stand) at the bus stop.
While Charles ____________ (read) the newspaper, the kids ____________ (play) football in the garden.
2. Complete the sentences with the Past Simple or the Present Perfect
I … (see) Tom last night. – Oh, really. I … (not meet) him for ages.
We … (never hear) this song before. Is it famous in your country? - Yes, it is. It … (be) quite popular here for many years.
What … (do) last Sunday? – I … (spend) it at home. – Oh, that’s great! I … (not spend) my weekends at home since last year.
… (you ever win) a cooking contest? – Yes, I … (win) in 2008.
When … (you meet) Alice for the first time? – We … (meet) each other in 1997. – So how long … (you be) best friends? – We … (be) friends for more than 15 years.
3. Complete the sentences with the Present Perfect or the Present Perfect Continuous
The war _______ (rage) for 9 months now.
You _______ (write) down his e-mail address?
How long _______ (work) for this company?
I _______ (queue) for half an hour so far.
You _______ (be) to the supermarket?
I not _______ (buy) a new dress since Christmas.
I not _______ (hear) from him for ages.
I _______ (wait) for you.
We not _______ (have) such a snowy winter since my daughter was born.
A lot of things _______ (change) since you left.
It _______ (snow) since yesterday morning.
I _______ (try) to catch a taxi for an hour now.
You _______ (pass) your driving test yet?
You _______ (book) the plane tickets?
His plane _______ (land) yet?
We _______ (stay) at this hotel several times.

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