«Сценарий сказки на английском языке «Великан-эгоист»

Сценарий сказки «Великан-эгоист»
ГУО «Средняя школа № 17 г. Пинска»
Руководитель: Ярутич Дарья Владимировна
Ведущие: Борисевич Данила, Гуд Анастасия 6 «Б» класс
Лето: Дидковская Дарья 4 «А» класс
Весна: Лемешевская Анастасия 4 «А» класс
Осень: Марчук Дарья 4 «Б» класс
Зима: Кацымон Полина4 «Б» класс
Дети: Вечорко Дмитрий 5 «А», Лозюк Анастасия 4 «А»
Великан: Дзядык Кирилл 7 класс
Мороз: Забелич Андрей 4 «Б» класс
Северный Ветер: Колесникович Дарья 6 «Б» класс
Автор: Пошелюк Татьяна 6 «Б» класс
Маленькая девочка: Полячок Алина 3 «Б»класс( На сцену выходят ведущие)
Boy: Good morning boys and girls!
Girl: We are glad to you at our English party.
Boy: It’s devoted to Oscar Wilde, a famous English writer.
Girl: Oscar Wilde was born in Dablin in 1854. His father was a famous doctor, his mother was a graceful writer of poems.
Oscar Wilde wrote poems, plays and fairy-tales.
Boy: Today you will see his fairy-tales «The Selfish- Giant»
Girl: We are in a very beautiful garden and here is a big old castle. A Giant once lived in the castle and this was his garden.
Boy: But now the Giant is away. Children like the garden very much and often play in here. They play here every season
Scene 1
( Появляются времена года)
Summer: This garden is very beautiful in summer. Lovely flowers grow here and there in the grass.
Spring: In the spring time fruit trees blossom in pink.
Autumn: In autumn they bear rich fruit.
Summer: The birds sit in the trees and sing.
Autumn: Three little brown birds sitting in a tree. One sings to you and one sings to me.
Spring : The other one sings to the lilac blue. And he does not see me, and he does not see you.
Summer: He sings of bees and butterflies, wing marigolds, buttercups and all gold things.
Spring : And while he is singing to the lilac tall. He doesn’t see me or you at all.
Author: Not only birds but butterflies fly in the garden.
( Звучит музыка. Заходят дети, несут в руках бабочки)Little children : What colour is your butterfly?
My butterfly is orange.
Fly, butterfly, fly
Where do you fly?
So quick and so high
In the blue, blue sky.
Author : Every afternoon, as the children were coming from school, they used to play the Giant’s garden.
( Звучит музыка с птичьими голосами)
Little children : In winter we ski and skate.
In summer we swim
In spring we sing and dance
How happy we are here.
Author: One day the Giant came back. He had been to visit his friend and had stayed with him for seven years.
( Звучит устрашающая музыка, появляется Великан)
Giant: It is my own garden. Everyone must understand that and I will let nobody play in my garden but myself. I will build a high wall all around it and put up a notice-board. Go away!
( Вывешивает табличку с надписью: Вход воспрещен! Нарушители будут наказаны)Little children : We don’t like you.
Where can we play now?
Let’s go to play on the road.
No, the road is very dirty.
How happy we were in the garden.
Scene 2
Author : Then the spring came and all around there were little blossoms and little birds.
( Заходит весна с букетом цветов)
Summer: Spring is coming. Spring is coming. Flowers are coming too. Snowdrops, lilies, daffodils now are coming too.
(Увидев табличку, качает головой и уходит. Звучит концерт Вивальди «Зима» )Winter: Now it is my garden. Spring will never come here again. The birds will never sing here and the flowers will never blossom again.
Winter is frosty. Winter is cold. The snow is falling. The wind is blowing. The ground is white. All day all night.Author : Only in the garden of the Selfish Giant it was still Winter. The birds didn’t sing in it. Only Frost was pleased to it.
( Входит Мороз)
Frost: Spring forgot this garden. We must ask North Wind on a visit.
( Появляется Северный Ветер)
North Wind: Oh, it is a beautiful garden. I stay here too. See the pretty snowflakes falling from the sky. On the wall and house tops, soft and thick they lie. On the window-ledges, on the branches bare. See how fast they gather? Falling all the air.Now the bare black bushes all look soft and white. See the snowflakes falling- What a pretty sight!
(Появляется Великан)
Giant: I cannot understand why the spring is so late in coming. I hope there will be change in the weather.
Author: But spring never came and summer too. Autumn gave golden fruit to every garden. But she didn’t give fruit to the Giant garden.
( Звучит музыка. Заходит осень с корзиной фруктов)Autumn: (обращаясь к зрителям) He is too selfish. (уходит)
Author : So it was always Winter there and North Wind and Snow were dancing about among the trees.
Giant: Oh spring come into my garden please!
Spring: I can’t come into your garden because winter and her friend live in it. And you are selfish.
Giant: I’m not selfish. I will love children! Come in and live in my garden.
Spring: OK! I’ll try
( В сад заходит Весна с детьми, развешивает листья на деревья. Звучит музыка) Scene 3
Author: One morning the Giant heard some lovely music. It was really only a little linnet singing outside his window, but it was so long since he had heard a bird sing in his garden that it seemed to him to be the most beautiful music in the world.
Giant: I believe spring has come at last. Oh, I see children in my garden.
Author: The trees were so glad to see the children again that they covered themselves with blossoms. The birds started flying about and singing.
( Девочка подходит к Великану)
Little girl: Give me, please, one flower.
(Великан дарит цветок)
Giant: How selfish I have been. Now. I will knock down the wall and my garden shall be the children’s playground forever and ever.

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