«Сценарий сказки «бесстрашный Джон»на английском языке»

1 Король и министр
NARRATOR: In a far away land there lived QUEEN Danielle The Great.

Scene 1
(КING and MINISTER are sitting in the room and writing.)
КING: Let’s stop everything, Jack, you are my first minister, help me, please. You know my daughter doesn´t want to get married. What should I do?
MINISTER1: Your majesty, talk to her.
КING: I talked to her lots.
MINISTER: Talk to her once more. Now the Christmas week is. Perhaps a wonder will come true.
КING: Once more, once more. A wonder, a wonder. (Shake his hand) OK, I’ll try.
(minister is going away, (music)princess is coming),
Scene 2
КING: Darling princess, answer me, please. What should I do you wants to get married. Just give me a good reason, that´s all I am asking for.
PRINCESS: I have already told you, dad. Please, don´t insist.
КING: You have to understand my position. (The QUEEN looked through the palace window). I need a helper.
PRINCESS: I know daddy, but I don´t like anybody here. Moreover, I can´t just marry any man!
КING: There are very nice men in the kingdom. There are some rich men and wise men. What do you want then?
PRINCESS: I want to marry… the bravest man in the kingdom.
КING: What?
PRINCESS: I want the man who can bring me the treasure from that castle.
КING: But, that´s impossible. People say horrible ghosts and terrible witches live in it.
PRINCESS: There must be someone who can do it. If you want me to get married, then do something! (go away)
КING: (are thinking) Oh. Minister, come here. Minister, tell my people that the princess will marry the bravest man in the country. The man who can bring the treasure from that horrible castle.
3 Фанфары для указаSCENE 3
MINISTER : People of the Kingdom, listen to КING's decree: “The princess will marry the bravest man in the country” (twice).
4. Выход ДжонаFearless John is going.
FEARLESS JOHN: Sir, I want to speak with the King.
MINISTER: You? OK, come in.
JOHN: Your majesty, I know that you are looking for the bravest man in this kingdom.
КING: It is true. Do you know someone brave and strong?
FEARLESS JOHN: Yes, your majesty. It´s me. I will bring the treasure.
КING: Ha, ha, ha, ha, you are a dreamer. You are short and thin, and you look weak!
FEARLESS JOHN: Your majesty, they call me Fearless John because I am not afraid of anything.
КING: Then bring me the treasure, and my daughter will marry you.
Scene 4
5. Джон в пути6. В ЗАМКЕ
FEARLESS JOHN: It´s so dark here, dirty, and there are spider webs everywhere.
(Suddenly he saw a ghost 1).
FEARLESS JOHN: Hello, dear Ghost. (ghost is disappearing)
(he saw a ghost 2) Hello, Ghost, (ghost is disappearing)
(he saw witches) Hello. (witches are disappearing)
7. ШУМ
(loud noise) – dance and bring a table, knives, forks.
FEARLESS JOHN: Do you think you have scared me? You better stop that noise!
GHOST 1: Come here, Fearless John!
FEARLESS JOHN: Oh, you know my name.
GHOST 2: We know everything. We also know why you are here.
WITCH 1: Do you want to have dinner with us?
FEARLESS JOHN: Sure, I am really hungry!
WITCH 2: Would you like to taste our soup made of frog eyes, snake tongue, and lizard tail?
FEARLESS JOHN: Yes, it looks delicious!
GHOST 1: You are our guest of honor.
GHOST 2: Sit down!
(Fearless John is eating)
FEARLESS JOHN: Thank you for this wonderful dinner. I feel very tired. I am going to sleep a little. Oh, and please, don´t make a lot of noise. I really need to rest.
WITCH 1: Have pleasant dreams, Fearless John.
WITCH 1, 2, AND GHOST 1, 2: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
9. Танец привиков после ужина(They are tying him to a chair, he woke up).
FEARLESS JOHN: Oh, are you afraid I can fall down? This is fun! This is the first time in my whole life that I sleep in such bed! Thank you. But don’t worry, come back your cases. (sleep once again).
10. СОН ДЖОНА (сек 5)
(Next day, when he woke up he was surrounded by ghosts and witches).
Scene 5
FEARLESS JOHN: Good morning. I feel well after a good night sleep! What can I do for you?
GHOST 1: Nothing. You are the first person who has treated us kindly.
GHOST 2: That´s right.
WITCH 1: You haven´t tried to harm us.
WITCH 2: Or get rid of us.
GHOST 1: We want to give you the treasure you came looking for.
GHOST 2: Take this bag of gold coins.
FEARLESS JOHN: Oh, thank you very much!
(he hugged the witches and the ghosts).
FEARLESS JOHN: I have to go now.
WITCH 2: Good bye, Fearless John.
13 Возвращение в замок
Scene 6
КING: (in her room, he is going from one corner to other).
FEARLESS JOHN (is knocking): Your majesty,..КING: You are back!
FEARLESS JOHN : Yes, your majesty, and I have the treasure with me.
КING: I have to see it before I tell my daughter.
(Fearless John showed the king the gold coins, the king was delighted.)
КING: Wonderful! Beautiful! My daughter will be here in a few minutes. Minister!
(A minister entered the room).Tell my daughter to come here immediately.
MINISTER: Yes, your majesty.
PRINCESS: Did you want to talk to me, dad?
КING: Yes. This is Fearless John, and he brought the treasure from the horrible castle.
15 OST Гарри Поттер - Бал(The princess looked surprised, but at the same time satisfied).
PRINCESS: Oh, thank you! I will keep my promise to marry the bravest man in the kingdom.
КING: Tomorrow my people will know that my daughter will get married.
PRINCESS: Yes dad, and please, give the treasure to the needy people. My treasure is my John.
КING: With pleasure. The wonder has come true.

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