«Сценарий сценки «Белоснежка и семь гномов» на английском языке»

Сценка «Белоснежка и семь гномов» на английском языке
Once upon a time there lived a lovely Princess named Snow White. Her wicked Stepmother the Queen feared that some day Snow Whte’sbeauty would suppress her own. So she ordered to kill Snow White. But the Princess escaped.
Oh, it's adorable!
Just like a doll's house.
I like it here.
Guess there's no one home.
Стучитв дверь
May I come in?
Садится на стульчик
What a cute little chair!
Why, there's seven little chairs!
Must be seven little children.
And from the look of this table, seven untidy little children.A pickaxe. A stocking, too!
And a shoe!
Why, they've never swept this room.
Maybe they have no mother.
Then they're orphans.
That's too bad.
I know!
I'll clean the house and surprise them.
Then maybe they'll let me stay.
Подметает и делает уборку на столе.
Let's see what's upstairs.
Oh, what adorable little beds!
And look, they have their names carved on them.
Doc, Happy,
Sneezy, Dopey...
What funny names for children!
Grumpy, Bashful and Sleepy.
I'm a little sleepy myself.
Our house! The light's lit. - Doc
Jiminy Crickets! -Grumpy
-The door is open.
-Something's in there. -Maybe a ghost.Поочереди
-Or a goblin. -A demon. -Or a dragon.
Mark my words, there's trouble a-brewin'. -Grumpy
Felt it coming all day. Mycornshurt. Указывает на ногу
Come on, hen... Men. Follow me. - Doc
Look! The floor, it's been swept! Happy показываетнапол.
Why, why, why, why, the whole place is clean!
My cup's been washed. -Sleepy
Sugar's gone.
Something's cooking. – Happy
Smells good!
Don't touch it, you fools! Might be poison. -Grumpy
-It's up there. -Yeah. In the bedroom. -Doc
-What a monster!
It covers three beds.
Let's kill it before it wakes up.
What is it? -Why, it... It's a girl!- Happy
She's beautiful, just like an angel.
Angel, hah! She's a female!-Grumpy
And all females is poison! They're full of wicked wiles.
Look out. -She'smovin'. - Sleepy
-She'swakin' up. -What'll we do?
Hide.- Doc
Oh, dear. – Snow White
I wonder if the children are...
Why, why, you're little men!
How do you do?
-I said, how do you do?
-How do you do what?-Grumpy
Oh, you can talk! I'm so glad!– Snow White
Now, don't tell me who you are. Let me guess.
I know, you're Doc.Why, why, why, yes. Yes! That's true.-Doc
And you're, you're Bashful.
Oh, gosh!киваетAnd you, you're Sleepy.
How'd you guess? зевает
And you?And you're Sneezy. чихает
-Yes, and you must be...
-Happy, ma'am. That's me.
And this is Dopey. кивает
You must be Grumpy.
Oh, yes! Yes!
Hah! We know who we are. - Grumpy
Ask her who she is and what she's a-doin' here.
Yeah! What are you... Who are you, my dear?
Oh, how silly of me. I'm Snow White.
-Snow White? -The Princess?Всевместе
Please don't send me away!Snow White.
-If you do, she'll kill me.
-Kill you? -Doc
-Who will?
-Yes, who? Grumpy
-My stepmother, the Queen.
-The Queen?все
-She's wicked! -She's bad!Grumpy-She's mighty mean! -She's an old witch!
If the Queen finds her here,
she'll swoop down and wreak her vengeance on us!
But she doesn't know where I am! - Snow White
She knows everything.Grumpy
She's full of black magic.
She can even make herself invisible.
Might be in this room right now.
Oh, she'll never find me here.- Snow White
And if you let me stay, I'll keep house for you.
I'll wash and sew and sweep and cook and...
Now you do something. Happy
Well, what shall I do?- Snow White
-Tell us a story. -Yes, tell us a story.-Doc
-A true story. -A love story.- Sneezy
Well, once there was a princess.- Snow White
Was the princess you?- Doc
-And she fell in love.
-Was it hard to do?DocOh, it was very easy.
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