Сценарий рождественского концерта на английском языке

Сценарий рождественского концерта на английском языкеДействующие лица:
Голос за кадромЭльфСнегурочкаДед МорозГолос за кадром: The year of 2016 is coming to its end. The letters to Santa Claus are written and sent; the streets and houses are brightly decorated; and hustle and bustle about Christmas presents are over. New York is ready to let a new year in and all the children in Russian Mission School are waiting for…
Elf: They are waiting for Santa Claus, of course!
Snowmaiden: No, no, no! They are waiting for Father Frost.
Elf: Father Frost? Why? We are in New York, and Santa Claus always brings presents.
Snowmaiden: But we are in a Russian School, so Father Frost should come. Hello, everyone. I am Snowmaiden, and I am Father Frost’s assistant.
Elf: And I am Ann the Elverine, I help Santa Claus, hello! Do you know where our seniors could be?
Snowmaiden: I think, they are still arguing about who should come.
Elf: Oh, not again! Hm. I have a great idea! Let’s make up a universal recipe of a happy New Year, then they will never have to argue.
Snowmaiden: Mission impossible!
Elf: Look, it’s easy! What do we need for a perfect holiday? Decorations!
Snowmaiden: Yes, and twinkling lights!
Elf: Lots of love!
Snowmaiden: Presents!
Elf: Don’t forget plenty of laughter!
Snowmaiden: And of course, Christmas carols and New Year songs! High five! And we are all here to add beautiful songs to the recipe. Today you’ll hear the most loved Russian songs about winter and New Year.
Elf: But I don’t understand Russian…
Snowmaiden: Don’t worry, we’ll sing them in English.
Elf: Oh, thank you! And I’d like YOU to hear my favorite English songs. Let’s start! Our first musical present was a traditional anti-war song; later it became a Christmas one. So, with this song I add peace to our perfect New Year recipe. The 5th grade students are invited to the stage with a song “Stop the cavalry”.
(5 класс “Stop the Cavalry”)
Snowmaiden: That was impressive, thank you! And now I’d like to add some expectations for better life. The 11-graders will sing “5 minutes”.
Elf: Oh, it is a long song.
Snowmaiden: Well, no, it’s just called so. It is from an old Russian movie. The song says that 5 minutes sometimes mean a lot, and can turn things from bad to good. Meet the 11th grade!
(11 класс “5 minutes”)
Elf: What a lovely song indeed! As I said, we can’t imagine a New Year holiday without presents. What do you like to get?
Snowmaiden: Well, my usual New Year presents are candies, toys, warm mittens and scarves.
Elf: Let’s check the Christmas list of our next performers! We invite the students of the 6th grade to sing about their Christmas list.
(6 класс “Santa Baby”)
Snowmaiden: They dream too big! But I think in reality they will get candies, toys, warm mittens and scarves. And now it’s my turn to add something to the recipe. It is going to be an extraordinary view of ordinary things.
Elf: What do you mean?
Snowmaiden: Do you know why the Earth spins?
Elf: Yes, it is due to the nature laws.
Snowmaiden: The students of the 8th grade believe it is due to the hard work of Polar Bears.
Elf: How interesting!
Snowmaiden: I’m kidding, of course, they are just going to sing “The Polar Bears Song”. Meet the 8th grade!
(8 класс “The Polar Bears Song”)
Elf: Oh, thank you so much, it was a great song to dance to! I am sure the students of this school are good at physics and many other subjects.
Snowmaiden: Yes, they are!
Elf: But still some of them dream about excellent marks. Let me add some luck to the recipe and invite the 9th grade to the stage. They are singing “All I want for Christmas”.
(9 класс “All I Want for Christmas”)
Snowmaiden: Guys, good luck and let your dreams come true! Do you like winter?
Elf: Yes, of course, in winter we can have a lot of fun: skate and ski, make snowmen and play snowballs. I like winter and snow!
Snowmaiden: And now imagine that there were no winter, no snow.
Elf: Our life would be less interesting then.
Snowmaiden: Exactly! I add snow and winter fun to the recipe and invite the 7th grade to the stage to sing “If There Were No Winter, No Snow”
(7 класс “If There Were No Winter, No Snow”)
Elf: Thank you, it was marvelous! What else can we add to our recipe?
Snowmaiden: What about waiting for a miracle to come?
Elf: Yes! This is what the students of the 10th grade are going to sing about. Meet the 10th grade with their song “Winter Wonderland/Here Comes Santa Claus”!
(10 класс “Winter Wonderland/Here Comes Santa Claus”)
Snowmaiden: Thank you very much! Do you think we have a recipe of a perfect New Year holiday now?
Elf: No doubt! Listen, I would like to make a small present for you.
Snowmaiden: Oh, really? How nice! I like presents. Is it going to be a song?
Elf: Yes, it is a traditional Christmas song, but it is sung in two languages: English and Russian.
Snowmaiden: It’s a surprise!
Elf: I am glad to invite our youngest performers from primary school to sing “Jingle Bells”.
(2-4 классы “Jingle Bells”)
Snowmaiden: Thank you. We had a lovely time here. Don’t you think so?
Elf: Yes, it was great. But I wish Santa Claus and Father Frost could come and appreciate our work.
Snowmaiden: Hush! Do you hear? Someone is coming. Maybe it is Father Frost.
Elf: Or Santa Claus!
Elf and Snowmaiden: Or both!
(выходит Дед Мороз)
Д.М.: Здравствуйте, ребята и взрослые, низкие и рослые, полные, худые, добрые, не злые! А задержался я потому, что мы с моим давним приятелем Сантой решали один очень важный вопрос: как же сделать так, чтобы не было у нас больше споров, кто главнее, кто важнее, кто смешнее, кто нужнее. Ведь главные – это вы, ребята и взрослые, низкие и рослые, полные, худые, добрые, не злые.
Снегурочка: Дедушка, ты повторяешься!
Д.М.: А, внучка, ты уже здесь! И как в этом зале все нарядно и весело! И эльф тоже здесь? Да я вижу, вы зря время не теряли и придумали рецепт идеального новогоднего праздника! Какие молодцы! К сожалению, Санта Клаус сейчас занят и не смог лично присутствовать на вашем фестивале, но он передал письмо. Вот что он написал: “Ho-ho-ho! I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!” Не убавить, не прибавить. Присоединяюсь к его словам. С новым годом! С новым счастьем!

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