«Сценарий праздника по английскому языку «We love English» (1 класс)»

Presenter 1:”Ladies and Gentlemen, dear pupils, dear parents welcome to our party! We are happy to see you!”
Presenter 2: We love English. The language that is spoken all over the world. Language of Shakespeare and Mark Twain. Today our little pupils of the first forms will show how they are happy to study English.
Presenter 1: We welcome 1st v form with their song “If you’re happy”.
If you’re happy! - 1 v
Presenter 1: today our little children are going to see different animals
Presenter 2: really? But how can they get to the zoo?
Presenter 1: they will catch a bus and go there singing “The wheels on the bus”. And 1st A form will present it
“the wheels on the bus” 1A
Presenter 1: our pupils are at the zoo.
Presenter 2: yes , they see many animals
Presenter 1: what animals can they see?
Presenter 2: all the 1st formers will sing the song “Let’s go to the zoo”
“let’s go to the zoo” 1st formers
Presenter 1: oh! Our little children liked these animals; they want to see them again. Where can they meet them?
Presenter 1: on the farm, of cause! Come with them! Let’s listen to the song of 1st G form “Animals on the farm”
“Animals on the farm”1G Presenter 1: How they sing! It’s amazing!
Presenter 2: yes, they can sing! but also they can dance, clap, stomp. And 1st B will sing you the song “yes, I can”
“Yes, I can” 1B
Presenter 1: The weather is fine today!
Presenter 2: Yes, it’s spring! Soon summer will come and our pupils have their holidays
Presenter 1: Yes, they are lucky! They can do everything they want!
Presenter 2: 1st Е form will sing what they do during their holidays, their song “Row your boat”
“Row your boat” 1e
Presenter 1: it’s pity! But our party is coming to the end!
Presenter 2: don’t worry, 1st D form will sing a jolly song “”Hockey Cokey”
Everybody can dance and sing it! Come on! Let’s dance together!
“ Hockey Cokey ” 1D
Presenter 1: Ladies and gentlemen! Our party has come to the end.
Presenter 2: We congratulate our little children with their first serious performance
Presenter 1: we want to thank our dear teachers who prepared this party for us. Let’s have a round of applause [ əˈplɔːz] for Исхакова Рита Даниловна!
Presenter2: Краснолобова Надежда Сергеевна!
Presenter1: Майрамс Юлия Аркадьевна!
Presenter 2: Thanks to your parents for their support!
Presenter 1: We would like to give the floor to our principal Kiekbaeva Irina Petrovna. (если директор будет присутствовать) или
We would like to give the floor to our deputy /ˈdepjʊti/ principal Khaliullina Regina KhamitovnaPresenters 1,2,: Thank you for attention! Goodbye!

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