«Сценарий праздника по английскому языку «Halloween».»

Сценарий праздника HalloweenУчитель английского языка Сафонова О.Н.
Звучит музыка. Дети в коридоре. Ведьмочки у входа с корзинками встречают всех:
“ Trick or treat”. Ребята отдают угощенье. Дети рассаживаются по кругу.
На сцепе - группа учащихся в костюмах
PI: Hallowe’en is coming.
What will you wear?
P2:1 might wear a blanket And be a brown bear.
PI: Hallowe'en is coming.
Who will you meet?
P2:1 might meet a princess Skipping down the street.
PI: Hallowe'en is coming.
What will you do?
P3:1 might go trick-or-treating.
How about you?
PI: Hallowe'en is coming.
What will you be?
P3:1 might be a pirate On the deep blue sea.
PI: Hallowe'en is coming.
What will you see?
P4:I might see a Jack-o'-Lantem
Winking at me.PI: Hallowe’en is coming
What will you be?
P4: It’ s a secret,
So, wait and see!
Выходят два мальчика:
PI: In America the children play a special game at Halloween: Trick or treat. They dress up a ghosts, witches or pirates and visit their neighbors.
P2: “Trick or treat” they cry. The grown-ups must give them a treat: some fruit, sweets or chocolate. When there is no treat, the children play a trick on them and run away. Sometimes they come back again, knock at the door and run away. It is all good fun, and the evenings ends with parties for children and grown-ups.
Далее дети исполняют песню.
Hop-Hei(на мотив “Хоп-хей ” Леонид Агутин)
Oh, Halloween’s the time
When the ghosts can really talk;
The night when witches ride on brooms
And skeletons can walk.
We put on masks and dress
To scare the folks we meet.
It’s lots of fun to knock on doors
And holler: “Trick or treat!”
Hop-hei, trick or treat,
Give us something good to eat!
Give us candy, give us cake,
Something sweet to take.Hop-hei, trick or treat,
Give us something good to eat!
You had better do it quick
Or we’ll surely play a trick.
Звучит музыка. Конкурс на лучшую страшилку.
“Spooky words ”. Призы.
Фонограмма. Появляются 3 Ведьмочки:
Wl: one little
W2: two little
W3: three little witches
Ride through the sky on the broom.
Wl: one little W2: two little W3: three little witches Winn their eyes at the moon.
Wl: It’s our holiday. We are very glad to be here.
W2: Let’s play. We shall do a mummy.
(кто сделает лучшую мумию)
Пока все веселятся выбегают пираты. Фонограмма из к/ф «Пираты Карибского моря» Поют песню. Всех пугают:
Pirates: “ We are pirates, we are brave:
We than take your gold away!
Money or life!
Хватают тыкву и убегают.
W2: What shall we do?W1: Who helps us? There is no holiday without pumpkin!
W3: I know, let’s make a portrait of Mr. Pumpkin and find him!
W: (все) Great!
Wl: Who can describe Mr. Pumpkin.
Выходит мальчик в костюме тыквы:
Р: I саn
My head is round
And so are my eyes.
My nose is a triangle,
Just this size
My mouth is turned up
Like a shiny half-moon
Upon your front porch
I’ll be sitting quite soon.
W2: А теперь давайте нарисуем портрет, с завязанными глазами. Выходят 2 человека. Конкурс рисунков.
W2: Well, Let’s try to find Mr. Pumpkin
W(all): Who’s that? What’s that?
Skeletons: Here we are! We are skeletons.
W(all): Haven’t you seen this Mr. Pumpkin?
Skeletons: Oh! No! We haven’t seen him.
Звучит музыка. Танец скелетов.
Ведьмочки ищут дальше.
W1: Sh! Look! (звучит музыка)
Входят кот и две кошки
Wl: Who’s that?
W2: What’s that?
Cat: I’m the black cat.
Black cat, black cat!
What do you think of that? Scat!
Slowly slinking in the night
Eyes that glow with golden light.Black cat, black cat!
What do you think of that? Scat!
Purring softly, can’t be seen He’ll come out on Halloween.
Black cat, black cat!
What do you think of that? Scat!
W3: Haven’t you seen Mr. Pumpkin?
Cat: Mew-Mew! No, we haven’t.
Wl: Look, look! This is our Mr. Pumpkin.
(видят Шалтая Болтая)
H.D. I’m not your Mr. Pumpkin
I’m Humpty Dumpty Humpty
Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the king’s horses
All the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again
W2: Nobody has seen our Mr. Pumpkin. Who will help us?
Звучит музыка. Появляются цыганки.
Gypsy: We do!
Танцуют и гадают. Среди шума появляется тыква.
Mr. Pumpkin: I’ m here! I am free! The pirates are sleeping! Tsh!
Pirates: We are here too!
Hold him! Catch him!
Wl: Dear pirates. Stop play tricks.
W2:We shall better teat you.
W3: We have apples! Sweets! Pies!
Wl: Stay with us.
Pirates: we agree. Treat! O’ key!
Все поют песню
Песня “Halloween” на мелодию песни “The ABC” из учебника по английскому языку для 5 класса авторов К. и М. Кауфман Hi! Hallo! And how are you?
We are glad to meet all you.
It is Halloween today!
Merrily we want to play.
Jack-o‘lantern glowing bright At this scary magic night.
And we shout: “Trick or treat?”
“Give us biscuits, nuts and sweets!”
Halloween, oh, Halloween!
Funny tasty holiday!
Halloween, oh, Halloween!
Children like this festive day.

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