«Сценарий постановки для 5-6 класса на английском языке «Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Mickey saves Santa!»

MM Hey, everybody! It’s me, Mickey Mouse!
Say…. do you want to come inside my clubhouse?......
Well….aaaall right! Let’s go!
Ha! I’ve almost forgot! To make the clubhouse appear we’ve got to say the magic
words: miska, mooska, mickey mouse!
Say it with me: miska, mooska,mickey mouse!
The song: M-I-C-K-E-Y
(MM) That’s me!
It’s the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Come inside, it’s round inside!
It’s the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

(rein-deer) Roll-call:
Donald (here), Daisy (I’m here), Minnie(here), Mickey (right here)
It’s the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Come inside, it’s fun inside!
MM It’s the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
Mickey saves Santa!
MM Welcome to our Clubhouse you all! Today we are going to celebrate a wonderful
holiday. Guess….what holiday is it?....
It’s Christmas! Right!
Look! It’s snowing outdoors!
Ho,ho,ho! No! It’s Christmas Eve today!
All our friends will come to stay for the night in the Clubhouse!
All Hey! Hi! Mickey! We are here! Hello!
MM Hi, everybody! Have you already filled your presents lists?
All Yeah! Of course! Mine is ready!
MM Let’s collect them for Santa!
All Santa waits, Santa waits
For the presents lists
He will read
And he will give
For us what we have wished
Don Wait!
M Donald hasn’t finished his list yet!
All Ha,ha,ha!
Don What’s this?
Daisy There’s someone on the roof!
M Oh! What if it’s Santa Claus?!
MM Let’s go and see!
MM Can you see anybody?.....Can you?....Where?....
M Behind us?....Look!
Daisy Wow! This is Mrs Claus!
MM It’s wonderful! Let’s say: Hello, Mrs Claus!....
All Hello, Mrs Claus!
MCl Good morning, everybody! (to her rein-deer) Let’s go my dear! Ye-hoo!
(to Donald) Donald, beware!
Don What?
MCl Oh, sorry, Donald!...
Oh, stop it, Donald! If you want to get Christmas presents, you should be a good
Don I’m so sorry, Mrs Claus!
MM Mrs Claus, why are you here, in our club?
Don You are here to take our lists?
MCl Oh, Mickey, we need your help. Santa Claus has stopped at the top of the highest
MM At the very top?All Oh,no! What?
MCl If someone doesn’t help Santa quickly, it will be no Christmas this year!
All Ahh!
Don No Christmas! What’s a pity!
MM Don’t worry, Mrs Claus! He will be saved!
M Of course!
All That’s right! Yeah!
MM Will you help us to save Santa?.....
Let’s go! Let’s take our mouseka tools and do our best!
MM Mouseka hei Mouseka hi
Mouseka ho
Mouseka ready
Mouseka set Here we go!
Mouseka me
Mouseka you
Mouseka doer!
MM All we need is to call: Oh, Toodles!

M Oh, Toodles, it’s time to get tools!
D Choose the mouseka tools to help us!
MM Miska, mooska, mouseka doer!
Mouseka tools!
Mouseka tools!
Mouseka tools!
All Here are the mouseka tools!
MM Skis! Very fast!
A search light! Very bright!
And the mistery mouseka tool! It will be a surprise !M Oh! It’s mouseka doer! We’ve got the mouseka tools!
D When we need them, it will bring them!
MM All we need is to call: Oh, Toodles!
MCl Mickey! We must hurry up! The highest mountain is far-far away!
MM Don’t worry! We’ll use my plane!
D Donald, do you want to be the second pilot?
Don Yeah!
M Very well! Let’s go!
Don What? Why me?
MCl Remember, Donald! You must be a good boy or you’ll get no presents!
Don No presents?... I’m ready!!
M Hurry up, Mickey!
MM On we go!
D Good bye, boys!
M Good luck!

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