«Сценарий пьесы «Бременские музыканты» на английском языке»

Сценарий спектакля "Бременские музыканты"
1 Author: Many years ago there lived a miller. He had an ass. It was nice, clever and strong. The ass worked on the mill for many years, it carried bags with flour. But it became old and the miller pushed him out.
Miller: Go away! Don’t come back! You are old and weak and you can’t help me any more! Go away!
Ass:Oh! Poor me! What shall I do? I am old and weak. Where shall I go?
   (садится и плачет)
Well. I can go to Bremen town and there I will become a town musician.
   (встает и идет по дороге)
2 Author: And he did so. He went to Bremen town. On his way he saw a dog.
   (осел подходит к собаке)
Ass: Why are you breathing so hard? What happened to you?
Dog:Oh, Ass, I am so tired because I was running very hard.
Ass:Why were you running?
Dog:You see, Ass, I lived with a hunter for many years. I ran in the fields and forests and helped him. But now I grew old and my master wants to kill me. Oh, poor me! I ran away and don’t know what to do.
     (собака плачет)
Ass: Don’t worry, come with me. I am going to Bremen town. We’ll be musicians there. You will sing and play drums and I will play the guitar.
Dog: Oh, great, let’s go!
    (идут вместе)
1 Author:And so they went together.
Cat’s owner: Bad cat! Why don’t you catch mice any more? I needn’t such cat in my house. I will drown you in the river.
Cat: Oh, no!
   (кот убегает)
2 Author: On their way they saw a cat. The cat was very sad. 
    (подходят к коту)
Ass: Why do you look so sad?
Dog: What happened to you?
Cat:Oh, poor me, you see, Dog and Ass, for many years I lived with my mistress and caught mice and rats. But now I grew old, my teeth became weak and my mistress wants to drown me in the river. So I ran away from the house but I don’t know what to do . Who can help me? Oh, poor me.
   (кот плачет)
Ass:Don’t cry, come with us. We are going to Bremen town.
Dog:Your voice is nice. You will sing and play the violin, Ass will play the guitar and I will play the drums.
Cat: Oh, great, I will go with you. Thank you, my friends.
   (идут все вместе)
 1 Author: And so they went together.
Cock’s owner: Tomorrow many guests will come. I need some food. Good cock, nice, fat cock. The soup will be tasty.
     (петух садится и плачет)
2 Author: On their way they saw a cock. The cock was very sad.
Ass: What happened to you, cock?
Dog: Why are you crying so bitterly?
Ass: Who offended you?
Cock: Oh, Dog. Oh, Ass. How can I stop crying. Tomorrow many guests will come to my master’s house. They want to kill me and make soup. What can I do?
   ( петух плачет)
Ass: Come with us. We are going to Bremen town and will become town musicians.
Dog: I will play the drums, Cat will sing and play the violin, Ass will play the guitar.
Cat: Your voice is nice. You will sing and play the balalaika.
Cock: OK, friends, I will be happy to go with you.
   (идут все вместе)
 1 Author:  They were walking throw the forest and suddenly met a trumpeter. He was going along the road and carrying a large bag.
Ass:Hello, guy, what are you doing in the forest?
Trumpeter:Hello, friends. I am going to Bremen town. I want to organise a group. You see, I have some instruments but no musicians.
Ass, Cat, Dog, Cock: We can help you.
Cock: We are going to Bremen too.
Cat: We want to be musicians too.
Dog:But we have no instruments.
Trumpeter: Take them if you like and let’s go together.
   (взяли инструменты и идут все вместе)
2 Author: So they went on. Soon the night came and it got dark. Ass and Dog sat under a tree and Cat and Cock sat in the tree. Cock began to look around and he saw a fire.
Cock: Look, there’s a fire in the forest!
Ass:Let’s go and see, maybe it’s a house.
Dog: Maybe there is some meat there. I’d like to eat it.
Cat: Maybe there is some milk there. I’d like to drink it.
1 Author: So they got up and went towards the fire. Very soon they came out to the open field and saw a house there. There was light in the windows. They came up to the house.
 (подошли к дому и осел встал на пенек и заглянул в окно)
Dog: What is there?
Trumpeter: What can you see?
Ass: I see robbers sitting by the fire. They are sitting at the table, eating and drinking.
Cock: Oh, I am so hungry.
Cat: And I am so thirsty.
  (разбойники сидят за столом, вбегает еще один)
1st Robber: Oh, guys, good news.
Robbers: What? What?
1st Robber: Tomorrow the King will go through the forest. And you know that he has much money.
Robbers: Yes! Great! Wonderful. We like money!
                (танцуют и поют)
1st Robber: So, look here, tomorrow we will catch the king and take all his money. We will be rich, very rich!
3 Robber: But don’t you know that the King has many guards.
1st Robber: Don’t be stupid, we are not afraid of them. Our attack will be a surprise.
Trumpeter: Have you heard? We must do something. Let’s think of a plan.
  (обсуждают план действий, затем вваливаются в дом и кричат не своими голосами, кот – лает, петух кричит по ослиному, собака кукарекает, осел мяукает)
Robbers: Oh, my God! What is it? Help! Help!
  (разбойники убегают, а музыканты заходят и садятся за стол, едят и  пьют)
Trumpeter: You see, friends, we frightened them very much. I don’t think they will come back. And now let’s have a sleep here.
   (все ложатся спать)
1 Robber: What was it?
2 Robber:  Go and look into the house.
3 Robber: Oh, no, I can’t. I am afraid.
  ( разбойники замахиваются на него, он падает на колени)
3 Robber: Oh, no, please.
   (выталкивают его)
2 Author: The robber came to the house where the friends were sleeping. He opened the door and came in.
3 Robber: It’s so dark. I see nothing.
  (разбойник наступил на кота, тот его поцарапал, убегая, он задел пса, тот укусил его за ногу, петух клюнул в голову, осел ударил копытом)
1 Author: Very frightened he came to his comrades.
Robbers: What is there? Tell us. What did you see?
3 Robber: It was terrible! Horrible giants settled in our house. One of them hurt my face, another cut me with his knife, third bit me upon my back with a large stick. And they shouted “Stop thief!”
Robbers: I am afraid. Let’s go away.
  (разбойники убежали)
2 Author: In the morning our friends got up.
  (просыпаются, потягиваются)
Trumpeter: Well, friends, did you hear yesterday what the robbers said?
Cat: They spoke about the King.
Ass: Yes, he will go through the forest.
Trumpeter: Have you seen the Princess, his daughter?
Dog: No, but I heard that she’s very beautiful.
Trumpeter: If only I could marry her.
  (собираются в кружок)
Cock: Let’s help our friend.
  (все вместе обсуждают план)
1 Author: Very soon the King appeared on the road. His brave guards followed him.
  (под музыку выходит король и его стража)
1 Guard: We are the bravest.
2 Guard: We are the strongest.
 All Guards: We are the best guards in the world.
  (король оглядывается по сторонам)
King: I don’t like this forest. It is dark. And what if there are robbers here?
All Guards: Don’t worry, be happy.
  ( поют и танцуют под музыку ”Don’tworry”)
King: But look, there is nobody around. If robbers come who will help? I am afraid.
 (появляются переодетые в разбойников музыканты, прогоняют стражу и связывают короля, а Трубадур его спасает)
King: Oh, you are my savior. I will make any your wish.
Trumpeter: Oh, I love the Princess. If only I could marry her.
King: You saved my life so I will do as I promised. Let’s go to the palace.
2 Author: Everybody went to the palace where the Princess was waiting.
Princess: Oh, father, what happened to you? Your guards returned home without you.
King: It was terrible. Those  robbers. They wanted to kill me and this brave man saved my life.
Trumpeter: Hello, Princess. I am a trumpeter.
Princess: Nice to meet you. Thank you for your help. I am glad to see you.
King: Holiday, holiday, everybody to the party!
   (все веселятся и поют)
There is nothing in the world that’s better
Than to travel with your friends wherever.
Those, who are friendly, are not afraid of troubles,
We are glad to travel in the suburbs – 2 times.
Our carpet is the field of flowers,
Our walls are tall trees and spring showers,
Our roof is sky with sun and clouds,
Happiness is friends, without doubts – 2 times.

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