«Сценарий на английском языке «Cinderella»

C: The disco ball is going to be held
In mayor’s house.
It is great!
My sisters will be there,
But I can’t.
I have much housework
To do tonight.
Oh, poor me!
I like to dance,
I love hits, music so much,
I want to see a new D-J.
But, certainly, I must obey
My stepmom, she is very strict,
And sisters, they are both strict.
C: I’m tired. All day long
No rest and only work.
People work at special places
And have rest in different places…
In the park or at the disco…
As for me, it can be risky
To leave home
Stepm: Cinderella!
C: Oh, I must go!
Stepm: Cinderella! Cinderella!
Where are you? Where are you?
We are getting ready, we are getting ready,
Lazy you, lazy you.
C: I’m lazy!
That’s not fair!
1st sis: Give my shoes!
2nd sis: And, please, my pair!
C: Here you are,
My dear sisters!
Lucky you are…
Your jeans, your snickers. (под длинной юбкой уже надеты джинсы и кроссовки, за ширмой быстро снимает юбку)
2nd sis: How pretty I’m
In my new nice jeans.
Major’s son will be there,
I want him to be my prince!
1st sis: I’m nicer than you
In my new nice dress
Major’s son will be mine,
I’ll be his princess!
Stm: You are beautiful both!
You are stylish and cool!
He must choose one of you,
Otherwise, he’s a fool!
C: Dear sisters, dear mom,
Take me to the major’s ball!
To have one look at a dancing hall!
Dear sisters, dear mom!
I’ll look from outside
No one will see at night!
Stm: Are you joking, awful girl?
You can’t go to the ball!
Everyone will laugh at you,
Take a mirror, shame of you!
2nd sis: Cinderella is like a pig,
Not very little, not very big,
Not very pink, not very green,
Not very dirty, not very clean!
1st sis: Cinderella, awful girl,
We are going to the ball!
Clean the kitchen, wash the floor
Work, my dear,
Stm: And some more
Cinderella, wash the plates,
And all the points to the eighth.
2nd sis: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
Keep in order all the shelves!
Stm: Come, my girls, or we are late!
Золушка плачет.
Появляется фея.
Fairy: Why are you crying, my lovely girl?
C: My stepma with daughters are at the mayor’s ball
They are having lots of fun,
Dancing with the mayor’s son…
Fairy: Why are you not there,My dear Cinderella?
C: I must sit here alone
In the house, all day long…
Fairy: You must go to the ball
In fantastic City Hall!
C: How can I?
I’m not a lady.
And my clothes…
No, I’m not ready.
Fairy: I can help you, kind girl,
You will go to the ball!
But at first, let’s sing a song.
All together “The shopping song”
Золушка опять плачет
Fairy: Stop crying, Cinderella!
Or I’ll need umbrella.
C: I’m crying because I’m happy.
Fairy: Take these all, hurry up, get ready!
C: Such a beautiful dress, I’m happy!
Fairy: But mind, at the ball
When the clock strikes twelve,
You must leave the City Hall!
At the City Hall
Mayor: My son, my dear son!
The ball has already begun!
Why aren’t you ready?
A lot of pretty girls are waiting!
M’s son: I’m writing a poem, dear dad!
I don’t want to go there, I’m sad!
M: One more poem? Where?
Only listen to that!
Стих на с.101 (Кобзева)
M: How pessimistic, my darling!
You should find a girl of your life!
And start smiling!
M’s wife: Here you are! Let’s go, my men!
Otherwise, people will say:
Our son is old-fashioned, again!
DJ на с.101 (Кобзева)
M’s wife: Dear, why don’t you dance?
So beautiful girls,
You should choose one at once.
M’s son: I don’t like them,
Let me stay without a dance.
M’s wife: My poor, poor son!
M’s son: But…what a beautiful girl!
She’s like a morning sun!
She’s like a wonderful rose!
Where earlier she was…
Who is she?
1st friend: I don’t know her…
2nd friend: Who can she be?
M’s son: Let’s sing a song for this beautiful girl!
Друзья поют песню.
M’s son: May I ask you to dance with me?
Cind: With great pleasure!
M’s son: My princess, tell me your name, please.
Cind: Sorry, but it’s a secret, my prince…
12 o’clock
Cind: I’m sorry, I must go!
M’s son: Why? Stop! Oh no…
1st friend: Where is that charming girl?
Mom/Mayor: Has she gone?
1st friend: She has disappeared quicker than appeared.
Mom/Mayor: Our poor, poor son.
M’s son: I’ve lost her, forever
First I loved and what?
Will I see her ever?
I’m missing her a lot.
At Cinderella’s house
C: Good evening, dear sisters!
How was the disco?
Sis: It wasn’t as good as
We wanted it to be…
1st sis: The Mayor’s son wasn’t interested in me
2nd sis: Or in me!
1st sis: There was one girl
And the mayor’s son spent all the time with her.
C: What’s her name? Do you know her?
Stm: No, we don’t and nobody does!

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