Сценарий мультфильма — Лучший друг

Best friend
Peppa is waiting for her best friend Suzy Sheep.
Peppa: - Hello, Suzy!
Suzy: - Hello, Peppa!
Suzy Sheep has come to play with Peppa. Peppa loves Suzy. Suzy loves Peppa. They are best friends.
Mummy: Peppa, why don`t you and Suzy go and play in your bedroom?
Peppa: Yes, Mummy!
George wants to play too. Peppa and Suzy love playing in Peppa`s bedroom.
So does George.
Peppa: - No, George. This game is just for big girls. Go and play with your toys.
Peppa and Suzy want to play on their own.
Peppa: - I`m a tiny little princess. I`m going to wave my magic wand and turn you into a frog. George doesn`t like playing on his own. George wants to play, too.
Peppa: - No, George. I`m playing with Suzy. You`ll have to play somewhere else.
George wants to play with Peppa. He feels a bit lonely.
Mummy: - George, I need some help! I`m making chocolate chip cookies!
Someone needs to lick out the bowl.
George likes helping Mummy make cookies, but he likes playing with Peppa more.
Suzy: - I want to be a nurse.
Peppa: - I want to be a doctor.
Suzy: - Who will be the sick person?
Peppa and Suzy: - George.
Peppa and Suzy love playing doctors and nurses. So does George.
Peppa: - Now, George, take a big breath in… then cough…Hmm…
Peppa: I think your heart is a bit lose. I `ll put a plaster on it.
Suzy: - Open wide, please.
Suzy takes George`s temperature.
Suzy: - Oh, dear. You are very, very hot. I think you have to stay in bed for 3 years.
George is laughing.
Daddy has come to find George.
Daddy Pig: - Oh, no. What`s wrong with George?
Peppa: - Don`t worry, Daddy. It`s only a game. George is our patient.
Daddy Pig: - Oh, I see. Can the patient have a visitor?
Peppa: - Just for a little while. He might get tired.
Peppa and Suzy: - Cookies!!! (хором)
Mummy: - Yes, they are for George. They are his medicine to make him feel better.
George is laughing. Джордж съедает 1 печеньку.
Daddy Pig: - Excuse me, doctor. Can you help me? I have a sore tummy.
That tickles!
Peppa: - I can hear it…rumbling. I think you are hungry, Daddy.
Daddy Pig: - Then I think I need lots of cookies to make me better.
Mummy: - And me.
Peppa: - And me.
Suzy: - And me.
Все вместе дружно кусают печенье и смеются.

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