Сценарий фестиваля иностранных языков «Eurovision»

Сценарий фестиваля песни на английском языке
«Евровидение – 2015»
I. Вступительное слово организатора проекта.
II. Выступление участников.
III. Награждение победителей.
IV. Заключение.
( Звучат праздничные фанфары, на сцену выходят организатор проекта и 2-е ведущих.)
I. Good afternoon dear boys and girls, all our dear guests!
We are happy to see you in this hall , because today we’ll have the 1-st music festival “Eurovision-2015”.
B2: If you want to be a star start from your native school.
B1: You are here to show your talent not only to your friends and classmates, but to your teachers and parents.
2. Our pupils will sing songs in English and demonstrate their skills, abilities and talents on this stage. So have a nice time! Off we go.
B1: To start our event we have to introduce our jury.
B2: But we are going to warn you that they are very strict.
B1: Are they really strict? I can see them smiling.
B2: Perhaps I’ll agree with you.
B1: Let me introduce them to our participants and the audience! Представление членов жюри. Звучит музыка.
B2: Well, it’s time to start the show
В1: The youngest participant of our show is invited to this stage. She is talented,
charming and pretty. She is fond of English, singing and dancing.
B2: Dasha Chechelnitskaya with a song “Let’s Twist again”
B1: England is associated with such famous name: The Beatles, the most popular group in the 1970s.  This Liverpool four was famous all over the world.
B2: On the stage Ovik Novayan with a song “Let it be!”
B1: We just can’t imagine our life without love! Perhaps it’s one of the strongest feeling that can live in our souls and in our hearts. People have created a lot of  works of art about love: pictures, books, songs, films. Every person falls in love at least once in his or her life. And it’s wonderful! 
B2.: I agree with you. Love is the greatest thing in the world. And I know a very pretty girl who sings so wonderfully about this feeling. Let’s meet Masha Sterligova with a song “My heart will go on”
B1: Yes, love is a great power and I’d like to welcome another participant who also sings about overlasting love….
B2.:Oh, let me guess… Is she Goara?
B1: You are right. On the stage Goara Novayan with a song “I’m alive”
B1: I thought I knew everything about the participants of our show.
B2.:But I think you will be surprised many times today.
B1: Do you want to say these are not all talents of our school?
B2.:Of course not. Listen. On the stage a duet of beautiful girls Anna Loshkaryova and Anna Lyakhova with a song “Little me”
B1 We continue our show.
B2 I hope the next participant will surprise us Lets meet Liza kozarenko with a song…….
B1: There are more young participants in our musical contest. They are singing a song about love, feeling to the dearest things in the world (mother, life, earth and everything we live for…) with a song “May there always be sunshine”
B2.: Let’s meet Slava Shevchuk and Katya Shcherbak
B1: When I listen to music it pictures in my mind happy days and different seasons. Music enriches our hearts and feelings. Do you agree?
B 2: Yes, I agree with you. Music is beautiful. And our next participants will prove it again. O n the stage a beautiful trio of girls of the 11-th form Diana Kurinkova, Sabina Kokieva and Mariya Sterligova with a song Sweater Weather.
B1: Unfortunately, everything good has its end. And our show has also come to its end.
B2: Our participants are waiting for their results.
B1: Let’s choose the one who has won your love.
B2: Clap your hands if you want to support the participant. (Ведущие перечисляют участников по очереди. Выбирается участник, получивший приз зрительских симпатий).
B1- The British enjoy dancing too, don’t they?
B 2- And we hope you enjoy either. So while our jury is working enjoy dancing. On the stage Elvina Mustafaeva and Кiril Krivosheya
Жюри подводит итоги. Слово жюри, вручение грамот. Вручить грамоты предоставляется директору
Жюри объявляет итоги. Награждение.
B1-: The show “Eurovision” is over. We hope that our party was interesting for you Thank you. Good buy. Good luck!
B2: Be happy, wealthy. May all your dreams come true.
Жюри оценивает выступление команд по следующим критериям: информативность и оригинальность презентации, владение иностранным языком, вокал и сценический образ выступающих. По итогам конкурса жюри определяет победителей в различных номинациях: приз зрительских симпатий, лучшая презентация, лучшее шоу, лучший сценический образ, «Большая Харизма», Мисс Привлекательность, Мисс Талант, Мисс Романтичность, Мисс Нежность, Мисс Артистичность, номинация «Мега Взрыв», «Золотой Голос», «Голос Сердца», «Настоящий Джентльмен» или «Настоящая Леди».

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