Самостоятельная работа за год в з классе по учебнику О.В.Афанасьевой

General Summing Up Form 3

1/. Выбери нужные предлоги: in, on, under, by и
заполни ими пропуски в предложениях.
1. The house is under the trees.
2. The kite is _____the sky.
3. The plates are _____ the table.
4. The old man is _____the bench.
5. Two sheep are _____the lake.
6. The cake is_____ the plate.

2/. Обведи правильные формы глаголов
в скобках.
1. Mr Brown (drive/ drives ) a car very well. 2. Little Polly can (count/counts) very well. 3. My father (cook/cooks) every day. 4. His mother can (dance/dances) very well. 5. Children (like/likes) to play computer games. 6. This house (have/has) tall walls. 7. I (have/has) eighteen English books.

3/. Заполни пропуски в предложениях, используя to, где это необходимо.
1. Joe likes ___ read English books. He can ___read in English very well. I can ____read English books too. 2. Harry has a new car. He can____ drive very well.
He likes ___ ride a car.

4/. Заполни пропуски в предложениях
нужными местоимениями: our, my, their, your, his, her.
We have a toy train. It’s our train. 2. What are_____ names? His name is Jack and her name is Kate. 3. Mark, where are _____sisters? My sisters are in Leeds. 4. Is it ______ cat, Maggy? What is name? 5. Mary has three birthday presents. _____ presents are on the small table. 6. Don has a wife. ______ wife is in London. 7. Chimps have tails. _______tails are long. 8. I have a big and happy family. _____family lives on the farm.

5/. Заполни пропуски нужной формой глагола live или lives.

1. I live in Europe. 2. Does your mother ________ in Europe? 3. My friend ________ in America. 4. These girls _________ in Asia. 5. Kangaroos ________in Australia. 6. Do elephants ________in Africa? 7. Mary likes to ________ in Asia.
8. Where do you _________? 9. My family _________ in Africa. 10. Do you ________ in the USA?

6/. Обведи правильный ответ.
1. What’s your name?
a) I’m Mike. b) Mike I am.
2. Are you a pupil?
a) Yes, I do. b) Yes, I am.
3. Do you go to school?
a) Yes, I do. b) Yes, I am.
4. Is your birthday in summer?
a) Yes. It’s in June.
b) Yes. It’s in February.
5. What month is number eight?
a) It’s September. b) It’s August.
6. What’s a weekend?
a) It’s Saturday and Sunday.
b) It’s Sunday and Monday.
7. Do you have brothers or sisters?
a) Yes, I have. b) Yes, I do.
8. Can you read English texts?
a) Yes, I can. b) Yes, I do.
9. Are you a good swimmer?
a) Yes, I am. b) Yes, I can.

7/. Распредели слова: count, skater, skier, fire, mouse, speaker,
blouse, diary, dancer, house, giant, tired по трём столбикам в соответствии
с произношением выделенных букв.
·] [a
·] [
count fire skater


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