«Саба? жоспары «A day in the life of a day pupil» (5 класс)»

5th form Date: ______
Theme of the lesson: A day in the life of a day pupil.
Aims of the lesson: 1) To explain meaning of words. Talking about domestic routine.
2) To develop pupils reading, writing and hearing skills. Developing
pupils speaking habits.
3)To enrich pupils vocabulary. To share the pupils opinions.
The methods of the lesson: pair work, work with cards, pictures, question-answers, listening;The types of the lesson: presentation of the new theme;Visual aids of the lesson: an interactive board, pictures, placards;
The procedure of the lesson:
I. Org. moment: - Good afternoon, pupils
- Good afternoon, teacher
- Sit down, please
II. Phonetic drill. Solomon GrundyBorn on MondayChristened on TuesdayMarried on WednesdayTook ill on ThursdayWorse on FridayDied on SaturdayBuried on Sunday
III.Checking up the home task: - What was your home task for today?
- Who is ready?
IV. Exp. new lesson: Our theme in our lesson is “A day in the life of a day pupil.”
V. New words:
To have- бар, ие болуBreakfast- таңғы асSupper- кешкі асDinner- түскі асLunch- түскі асTo get up- тұруTo start-бастауWork with the text.  Ex2, p.184Answer the questions:
a) Where does Jack play with his sister?
b) Who has mobile phones?
c) What do they have for breakfast?
d) What do Jack and his sister do after breakfast
f) Do the eat together at about 6:30?
VI. Conclusions. Group work: A B C groups
A group: Read the text and make a list of the words of food?
B group: Read the text and make a list of words of sports.
С group: Read the text and write out the words of Jack’s favourite subjects.
D group: Read the text and answer the questions: What does Jack do at home?
Ex 7, p.186 Answer the questions.
What do you have for breakfast?
I have …
What does your mother/father have for breakfast?
He/she has …
What are your favourite subjects?
My favourite subjects are …
VII.Giving home task: Ex 10 p.186
VIII.Putting marks: 5 (excellent) 4 (good) 3 ( satisfactory)
The lesson is over, good bye!

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