Разработка итоговой контрольной работы по английскому языку для 5-ого класса /УМК С.Г. Тер-Минасова/ Бауровой Л.А.

Разработка итоговой контрольной работы по английскому языку
для 5-ого класса /УМК С.Г. Тер-Минасова/
Бауровой Л.А.
Match the correct forms of the verbs and write them down. Use the example:
become caught bought
give felt woken up
catch bought brought
bring became given
wake up gave become
feel brought felt
buy woke up caught
№ 2
Put the words in the box in the correct form.
1.My room____________________________________every week. To bring
2.The Kremlin_________________________________as a fortress. To open
3.The school newspaper_________________________by all the students. To clean
4.The museum ________________________________tomorrow. To build
5.This animal__________________________________to the zoo last week. To read
Complete the sentences.
1. If I visit Moscow, I will see the Kremlin.
2. If I have a friend in an Australian school,__________________________________________________
3. If I study in English at school,___________________________________________________________
4. If I get only « fours» and «fives» at school,________________________________________________
5. If it rains,___________________________________________________________________________
6. If I’m a teacher,______________________________________________________________________
Complete the sentences with the words: something, anything, nothing, nobody, anybody, somewhere, anywhere.
1. Have you travelled_________________________________________this summer?
2. It’s very dark here. I can see____________________________________________.
3. ________________________knew about the life on the new continent.
4. I’ve lost my key_________________________________________________.
5. Does______________________________________know what happened?
6. There is __________________________________in the box.
7. Can you see___________________________________ through the window?
Write the questions you asked your friend about his/her trip to the USA.

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