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Newspapers in the UK In the UK, adult people buy more newspapers than people in most other western countries. Almost 35-40 million adults read newspapers every day. 1.Daily national newspapersThey are published on every day of the week expect Sunday.2.Sunday newspapersThey are published on Sundays and can be called family papers, as there is something to read for each member of the family.Newspapers in the UK 3.Weekly newspapersThey are published once a week.4. Quality newspapers (broadsheets)They are the serious newspapers ,and they cater for readers who want detailed information on a wide range of home and overseas news 5.Popular newspapers (tabloids)They are popular newspapers, which are half size of broadsheet. They are also known for their large headlines and simple style. 6.Regional newspapers and local newspapers (“free sheets”)Local newspapers are usually written in a simple style, which usually contain nothing but advertisements, are delivered free. “The Times”“The Guardian”“The Independent”“The Daily Telegraph”“The Financial Times”The daily quality newspapers “The Times”“The Times” founded in 1785, is read by the minority of people today. It is the oldest of the daily quality newspapers in the UK. It is famous for its wide coverage of important home, overseas and business news, its financial and sports pages. It is a liberal newspaper. It is famous for its lively reports and its original features. It also claims to be politically independent, but it is left of centre and formally supports the Liberal Party of Britain. “The Guardian” “The Independent” was founded in 1986. It has reputation for its excellent international news coverage.“The Independent” “The Daily Telegraph”, founded in 1855, is a very conservative paper. It has a nickname – “The Torygraph” after the nickname “Tory” of the Conservative Party. This newspaper has rather a comprehensive news and sports coverage. “The Daily Telegraph” “Financial Times” is a British daily newspaper, founded in 1888. The paper provides a comprehensive overview of developments in British and world stock exchanges and markets. In newspaper articles are also included on the main developments in the business world.“The Financial Times” “The Sun”“The Daily Mirror”“The Daily Star”“The Express”“The Mail”The most popular tabloids “The Sun” is the British tabloid, founded in 1963.The Sun newspaper is well known for stories about the life of stars, including scandals. On the second page of the newspaper printed materials about politics. On the third page of the newspaper regularly printed photo model girls.The newspaper pays great attention to the theme of sport, especially football.“The Sun” “The Daily Mirror” with a circulation of about three million, was founded in 1903 and has always traditionally supported the Labour Party“The Daily Mirror” It is the most serious of the tabloids , with its well-written articles. It has weekly book reviews, women's pages and other regular features.“The Daily Mail” It has reputation for its lively writing and “no nonsense” reporting. It is considered “middle market”“The Daily Express” “The Sunday Times”“The Observer”“The Sunday Telegraph”“The Independent on Sunday”“The News of the World”“The Sunday Mirror”“The People”“The Sunday Express”“Mail on Sunday”The most popular Sunday newspapers The Observer is British newspaper published on Sundays. This is the first and the world's oldest Sunday newspaper“The Observer” “The Sunday Times”is Sunday broadsheet newspaper It is published in the United Kingdom.Each year “the Sunday Times” publishes "rich list", which hits record sales.“The Sunday Times”

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