Возвратные местоимения упражнения 2

Чтобы посмотреть презентацию с картинками, оформлением и слайдами, скачайте ее файл и откройте в PowerPoint на своем компьютере.
Текстовое содержимое слайдов презентации:

Поставьте подходящее возвратное местоимение.1.She should respect … . 2. I can’t see … in the mirror.3. We have to do the homework … . 4. Why doesn’t he wash the cup …? 5. Are they going to Moscow by …? 6. Peter, you are talking about … all the time.7. Harry thinks of … as an extremely smart boy. 8. My dear friends, help … to the sandwiches and fruits. 9. My granny has knitted this scarf … . 10. Did they write the essays … ? 11. I cut … with the scissors. 12. The zebra can’t defend … . 13. His old grandfather often talks to… . 14. Anna, where did you hurt …? 15. Don’t worry, we can pay for … . Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на возвратные местоимения.1. My son is too small to eat by himself.2. Did your kids decorate the Christmas tree by themselves?3. Please sit down and make yourselves comfortable.4. The dog was so dirty that it was scratching itself.5. I introduced myself to my future mother-in-law. 6. Let’s move the table ourselves.7. Mary blames herself for the accident.8. They have lived by themselves for a couple of years.9. Did little Tommy behave himself?10. I was so sick that I wasn’t able to look after myself. Complete the sentences with reflexive pronouns.Can you do many things _________? Does your friend Nick often talk to you about _________? Did your mother buy anything for _________ last week? Are you always sure of _________? Can a little child take care of _________? Do you believe in _________? Did the pupils answer all the questions _________? Did you make the dress ______________ ? who cooked your breakfast this morning? who helped them to translate the text? who helped the little girl to dress? who helped you to find the way? who cleaned your classroom? who washes your clothes? who broke his tape-recorder? who built their house? who helped her to do maths? who planted the garden in front of your house?

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