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Form 5HOLIDAYS IN GREAT BRITAIN What holidays in Great Britain do you know? HalloweenValentine’s Day New Year’s Day Christmas

Boxing Day [ɩbPksIN deI]NEW HOLIDAYS Epiphany[IɩpIfqnI]NEW HOLIDAYS Mother’s Day[ɩmADqz deI]NEW HOLIDAYS Good Friday[gVd ɩfraIdeI]NEW HOLIDAYS St. George’s Day[seInt ɩGLGIz deI]NEW HOLIDAYS Remembrance Day[rIɩmembrqns deI]NEW HOLIDAYS Boxing Day EpiphanyMother’s DayGood FridaySt. George’s DayRemembrance DayNEW HOLIDAYS December 25Children wake up early to find presents in their stockingsChristmas Day
December 26Families get together and watch TVBoxing Day
The first day of the yearThere are parties, fireworks, singing and dancingNew Year's Day
The 6th of January The end of the Christmas and New Year season Epiphany
People celebrate romantic loveValentine's Day
The 1st of April A day of jokes and fun You have to play the joke before noonApril Fool’s Day
Is held three weeks before Easter People visit their mothers and grandmothers and give them presentsMother’s Sunday
A public holiday in the United KingdomIt is before EasterPeople attend a special church serviceGood Friday
In April This day is a public holiday People decorate Easter eggsEaster Sunday (Easter Day)
Queen’s Elizabeth II birthday is officially celebrated in Britain on the second Saturday of June each year. The Queen's Official birthday
The official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II is marked by a parade called Trooping the ColourTrooping the Colour
The 23rd of AprilIt is England's national day.People remember St George, England's patron saint.He was a soldier who killed a dragon and saved a princess. St George's Day
Skyline Auckland WaterfrontThe 31st of October A night of ghost, witches, and fairies.Costume parties where people dress as witches, ghosts and animal figuresHalloween
View of Town Town Centre 11 of November It is a special day to remember all those people who were killed during the two World Wars and other conflicts At 11am a two minute silence is observedRemembrance Day
GRAMMARon the 1st of Januaryin spring (summer)in April (February)in 1926before Easter / after Christmas HOLIDAYS IN BRITAINTestChristmas is celebrated …1…..…the 25th …2…….. December in the UK.Boxing Day is celebrated …3…..…the following day …4…….. Christmas. New Year's Day is …5…..… the first …6…..… January. Epiphany is …7…..… the 6th …8…...… January. St. Valentine’s Day is …9…..…February. April Fool’s Day is …10…..…the 1st …11…..…April. Mother's Day is held three weeks …12…..…Easter. Easter usually comes …13…..…April. Queen Elizabeth II was born …14…..… 1926. St. George's Day is …15 …..…spring.Remembrance Day is …16……..autumn. KEYS TO THE TESTonofonafteronofonof9. in10. on11. of12. before13. in14. in15. in16. in MARKS10 – 16 points9 – 15,14 points8 – 13,12 points7 – 11 points6 – 10,9 points5 – 8 points Ask your English friend…What English holiday do you like best?When is it celebrated?What do usually people do on this day? Children wake up very early in the morning to find their__________ have been filled by Father Christmas.style.rotation

When was Queen Elizabeth II born ?

WinterSpringSummerAutumn At what time of the year is Halloween celebrated ?

ChristmasBoxing DayValentine's Day Easter SundayHalloween Each holiday has its own symbols.What are they? April Fools DayMother’s Sunday Good Friday Easter SundayTrooping the Colour St. George's DayRemembrance Day Epiphany Boxing Day What holidays in the UK are celebrated in spring and summer?fillcolorfill.typefill.on
AAREIt is a special day set aside to remember all those men and women who were killed during the Wars.TYUICBVNMSXDZGHJKLOPFMBNCQWERREECM
rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr REFLEXIONNow I know that …I will never forget …It was interesting to find out that … Memory mapHOLIDAYS IN THE UK GOOD LUCK!SEE YOU AGAIN!

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