«Презентация к теме»The Origin of the USA Constitution»

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The origin of the United States Constitution The Mayflower Compact Mayflower carried Pilgrims from England to Massachusetts Before they left the ship, the passengers wrote a document called the Mayflower Compact Promised to pass only laws that were fair to everyone and good for the whole community The Declaration of Independence British raised colonists taxes Colonist protested Fighting began This document was written by the Committee : Benjamin Franklin; John Adams; Thomas Jefferson. Was laid the foundation for the nation’s future system of governmentApproved on July 4, 177656 people signed Articles of Confederation First Constitution of the United States Was adopted in 1777 had a preamble and 13 articles Constitution 57 men helped to write it in 1787 Approved by the states in 1788 It has 7 sections called Articles telling how the government works The Bill of Rights First 10 amendments It guaranteed certain freedoms and rights Added after the Constitution Freedom of Speech Freedom of Religion Freedom to Assemble Thomas Jefferson Third President of the United States Politician, Educator and an Architect John Jay First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Governor of N.Y. Thomas Paine Wrote Common Sense, which called for American independence from Great Britain Influenced fighters in the Revolutionary War George Washington General in Revolutionary War First President of the United States

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