Поурочный план по английскому языку на тему Visiting big cities

Theme: “Visiting big cities” Aims of the lesson: • To enlarge students’ reading, writing, speaking and listening abilities. • They should ask and answer the questions. • They should respect foreign and native languages. Visual aids: the basic text book, cards, pictures, posters Method of the lesson: individual work, answer-question, group work Types of the lesson: new theme The plan of the lesson: I. Organization moment (1 m) II. Warm-up (2 m ) III. Vocabulary work (12 m) IV. Find your group. (3 m) V. Doing exercises (5 m) VI. Reading the text (10 m) VII. Complete the sentences. (6 m) VIII. Evaluation. ( 2 m) IX. Giving homework (2 m) X. Conclusion. (2 m) The procedure of the lesson I. Organization moment • Greeting • The duty’s report • Asking about the weather and health of the students II. Warm-up: Which word is odd one?  Desk, chair, pen, apple, pencil  Teacher, dentist, water, driver, pilot  Pizza, milk, computer, butter, tea  Dog, house, camel, tiger, mouse  London, Astana, Pele, Paris, Madrid III. Vocabulary work woods hills bridge traffic lights car park farm swimming pool factory theatre field statue lake cottage mountain underground concert hall river pollution IV. Find your group. Students, I have piece of papers and your task is to collect the papers. If you have the same papers you’ll be in the same group. Find the leaders and names of the groups. The first group is called “ASTANA” and the second is “LONDON”. The leader of “ASTANA” is Sebil and the second leader of “LONDON” is Nurana. I’ll give such cards according to your answers. Red colour means “excellent”, blue means “good” and yellow is “saticfactory”. V. Complete the chart putting the words into the correct column. Town Country Both Traffic lights farm bridge Car park field hills Swimming pool fresh air lake Statue river Underground mountains Theatre factory Concert hall cottage Tall building Pollution Tram VI. Reading the text. “London” and “Astana” VII. Complete the sentences.  There’s no u… in Astana. The main transport is buses.  I don’t want to live in the centre because it’s n…and c….  Some years ago Almaty was f… for its apples.  There aren’t many historic b …in Almaty.  My parents moved from the town to the village because of t… and p….  The streets in Almaty aren’t very w….  Paris is a centre for t….  Madrid is the c… of Spain. Big Ben is a famous c…. Our city has a p… of over eight thousand people. VIII. Put the right words in the box. Pollution, noisy, tall buildings, population, traffic, crowded, coast. a) I want to move to the country because it is ____and ____in the city where I live. b) There are a lot of ________ in New York. c) Our city has a _________ of over 2 million people. d) Now big cities have problems with ______ and ______. e) We like spending our holiday on the sea _______. IX. Find the right words. Farm, traffic lights, theatre, pollution, car park. • Colin lives in a beautiful ……. In the village. • Stop! ……..are red. • Astana has a lot of modern ……… . • There is a ……… of Abai in our city. • ………… is a big problem in many big cities. • There’s a …………. near my house where I can leave my car. X. Find the group of leader by counting the cards. The winner of this competition is “LONDON” , leader is Nurana, because they have more red cards. XI. Evaluation. XII. Giving homework Тексерілді:

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