Комплект заданий по английскому языкудля учащихся 7-8 классов ( аудирование)

Комплект заданий для учащихся 7-8 классов
Task 1
You will hear an interview with a singer called Nick Parker who plays in a band called Krispy with his sister Mel. For each question, choose the correct answer a, b, or c.
1. When Nick and Mel were younger,
a. they studied music at school.
b. their father took them to live concerts.
c. their mother encouraged them to play music.
2. When Nick and Mel started writing music together, they
a. disagreed about the style they should have.
b. didn`t want to be the same as other bands.
c. were influenced by different kinds of music.
3. The band Krispy was started after
a. Nick began studying at music school.
b. two other musicians heard Nick and Mel playing.
c. Nick and Mel advertised for the band members.
4. In the band`s first year together,
a. concert audiences liked their music.
b. they signed a recording contract.
c. their national tour was very successful.
5. What does Nick say about life in the band today?
a. The other members look after him and Mel.
b. He`s pleased to have the chance to travel.
c. There`s no opportunity for them to relax together.
6. What disappointment has the band had?
a. They haven`t yet had a number one single.
b. Their first album sold under a million copies.
c. A health problem delayed their album recording.
Task 2
You will hear an interview with four young people talking about their family lives. Listen to this interview and choose the best answer A, B or C for each speaker. Before you listen, read the questions carefully.
In Patrick’s opinion, why does his mother help him?
She enjoys it.
She worries about him.
She has plenty of time.
8. What is Tracey’s family doing to the house at the moment?
Extending it.
Cleaning it.
Painting it.
9. How often do Vicky and her father take exercise together?
Regularly, once a week.
Only in summer.
10. How does Kostas feel about family celebrations?
А. Bored.
В. Embarrassed.
С. Amused.
Task 3
Listen to the conversation between Barbara and Ricardo. Answer the questions 11-15. Circle the соrrect letter.
Barbara and Ricardo have just finished their exams and decided to have a holiday.
11. How much will it cost each person for the riverboat trip?
A. $ 30B. $ 20C. $ 25D. $ 5
12. Circle the TWO reasons why Barbara and Ricardo decide NOT to go horse riding.
A. it’s too expensive
B. they haven’t got the right equipment
C. it’s too far away
D. Ricardo can’t ride a horse
E. they don’t want to catch a bus
13. How much was written in the brochure for the hire of a mountain bike?
A. $ 20 B. $ 10 C. $ 30 D. $ 15
14. What is included in the hire charge?
A. helmet, panniers and lights C. panniers and repair kit
B. helmet and repair kit D. repair kit, helmet and lights
15. On the receipt below, write in the correct total amount paid by Barbara and Ricardo.
Receipt for Bicycle Hire
Amount received:
Date: 6 June
Transfer your answers to the answer sheet!
You`ll hear an interview with a singer called Nick Parker who plays in a band called Krispy with his sister Mel. For each question, choose the correct answer, a, b or c. You now have 45 seconds to look at the questions. Now we are ready to start. Listen carefully. You will hear the recording twice.
Int:I`m talking to Nick Parker, the singer with the band called Krispy. Nick, your sister, Mel, plays guitar in the band too, doesn`t she?
Nick: Yeah. Mel`s a year younger than me. We`ve been playing and singing together since we were … eight, nine. Dad is a guitarist and took us to hear the great bands playing live. Mel and I put on shows at school, which was a lot of fun. Mum thought we were good, but she didn`t want us to get too serious about our music because of the hard lives professional musicians have.
Int:When did you start writing music?
Nick:I`ve been writing since I was ten. And later Mel started working with me. We didn`t have the same influences – I liked rock music and she loved world music, especially bands from Africa. But we found good ways of mixing the styles.
Int:Your band, Krispy, has two guys and two girls in it. How was it formed?
Nick: Mel and I were playing in a concert at our college and there were two students from music school in the audience. They came to see us after the show and asked if we`d like to form a band with them. We weren`t sure at first because we were much younger than them. But we agreed to try it out, and it was brilliant.
Int:Was the band an immediate success?
Nick: Well, we spent the first year practicing and writing music. During that time we all had studying to do. We played in local concerts, and the audiences enjoyed what we did. Then during one holiday we recorded two songs and sent them to a music company. They offered us a contract, but our parents said we had to finish college first.
Int:You`ve been together a few years now and you`re one of the top bands. What`s that like?
Nick: Hard work. We travel to concerts all round the world and are never in one place for more than a few nights. The others are like an older brother and sister to me and Mel, which is good. They help us relax on our days off, and make sure we eat well. They`re strict about practicing too.Int:Have you had any disappointments?
Nick: Everything we`ve recorded has done well. Three singles have gone to number one, and our first album has sold over a million copies. Our second album was due out this winter, but I`ve been ill recently so we`ve started recording late, which is a pity. But for the rest, everything`s fine.
(Pause)Now listen again. (The recording is repeated)
Listen to the conversation between Barbara and Ricardo. Listen carefully and answer the questions.
RicardoHere we are. Brochures for one day excursions. Let's have a look. BarbaraA riverboat trip! That looks interesting.
RicardoYeah. It does. Where does it go? And how do we get to the river?
BarbaraIt says to go by bus to the river. The bus trip takes about an hour. That costs $ 5 per person each way. Then the boat goes along the river for 4 hours. And we can get a meal on the boat. That sounds good.
RicardoHow much does it cost?
BarbaraWell, the boat trip costs $ 20 and the meal is extra if we want it. It all sounds great, but it's a bit expensive - $ 30 each, and that's not counting the food and drinks.
RicardoYes. It would be relaxing but it is a bit expensive and we wouldn't get much exercise sitting on a bus and a boat, would we?
BarbaraNo, you are right. What about horse riding or cycling? Can you ride a horse?
RicardoNot very well. I've only ridden a horse twice in my life and that was long time ago. How much does it cost?
BarbaraLet me see. Horse riding's a bit expensive too - $ 30 for 2 hours.
RicardoWhat about cycling? That shouldn't be too expensive. Here we are, mountain bikes for hire. $ 10 a day! That's great!
BarbaraAnd there's a helmet and a repair kit with each one. You have to wear a helmet by law.
RicardoWe'll hire two bikes then. Here is $ 20. That's very good.

1 B
2 C
3 B
4 A
5 A
6 C
7 C
8 B
9 C
10 A
11 В
12 A, D
13 B
14 C
15 20
16 F
17 C
18 B
19 G
20 D
21 E
22 F
23 F
24 T
25 F
26 T
27 T
28 F
29 F
30 F

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