« Would you like some more tea? »

Күні (Date): 7.10.2016
Сыныбы (Class): 6 Ә
Тақырыбы (Theme): « Would you like some more tea? » (
Мақсаты (Aim): SWBAT use the construction “would you like …”, make up a dialogue using lexicology “food” and write sentences using demonstrative pronouns “this, that, these, those”
Мақсаттары (Objectives):
Білімділік (Educational): to teach grammar: Demonstrative pronouns
Дамытушылық (Developing): to develop speaking skills using pictures
Тәрбиелік (Bringing – up): To teach pupil norm of behavior in the shop
Қолданылған көрнекіліктер (Materials needed): computer, whiteboard, pictures
№ Уақыты Кезең және әрекеттер
(Stage of activity) Ескерту
1 3 min Ұйымдастыру кезеңі.
(Organization moment)
Good morning, children!
P-s: Good morning, good afternoon,
Good morning to you.
Good morning, Good morning the teacher
We are glad to see you.
How are you?
Who is on duty today?(I am on duty today)
What date is it today?
What day of the week is it today?
Who is absent?(All are present)
What was your home-work? 2 5 min Сергіту кезеңі.
(Warm – up) phonetic rhyme
How much money do you have?
Not much. Not much
How much money do you have?
A few dollars. A few dollars
How much money do you have?
It’s mine. It’s mine
How much money do you have?
Here’s dime. Here’s dime.
Food is … what themes belong to “Food”
Now I give you words, please, divide into 5 groups: fruits, vegetables, drinks, snacks and sweets.
3 5 min Checking home task
p.209 ex. 1 put some or any in the correct place in the sentences 4 7 min Жаңа тақырып.
(New theme)
Repeat the theme
Countable nouns Uncountable nouns
a table
a boy
an orange
a pen snow
Some, Any сөздерінің сөйлемдерде қолданылуы.
Some болымды сөйлемдерде қолданылады.
There are some apples on the table.
Any болымсыз сөйлемдерде қолданылады.
Is there any water in the glass?
I haven’t got any sisters and brothers.
Some cұраулы сөйлемдерде, біреуден бір нәрсе сұрағанда немесе біреуге бір нәрсе ұсынғанда қолданылады.
Can I have some tea?
Would you like some juice.
New words:
Milk, coffee, mineral water, coke, orange juice, tea, hot dog, sandwich, hamburger, pizza, biscuit; to order; I’m thirsty, I’m hungry. 5 12 min
Тақырыпты бекіту.
(Fixing these theme)
Let’s continue the theme.
Would you like… құрылымы
Ex.2 p.55 listen and practise the conversation.
Pair work. Talk to your partner. Choose the words in the boxes.
I’m thirsty [Өә:sti]. Would you like some …?
Yes, please. No, thanks
I’m hungry [hangri]. Would you like some …?
Yes, please. No, thanks
a) Write a, an, or some.
a) Write a, an, or some.
1 . . . . butter 
2 . . . . apple 
3left000 . . . . egg
4 . . . . biscuit
5 . . . . milk
6 . . . . orange
7. . . . bread 
8. . . . plum 
Level b
b) Write a, an, or some.
1 . . . . egg
2 . . . . eggs
3. . . . (glass of) juice
4 . . . . juice 
5 . . . . cake
6 . . . . cake
7 . . . . ice-cream
8 . . . . ice-cream
9. . . . mushroom 
10. . . . coke 11. . . . pizza 
12. . . . tea 
Put down Some or Any (Көп нүктенің орнына тиісті сөзді қой):
1. I would like ... (some) tea, but would not like … (any) biscuits.
2. Is there … sugar? I can`t see ...
3. I usually buy … cheese.
4. I don`t buy … coffee.
5. We need to buy … bread because we haven`t any.
6. There are … books on the table near the TV set.
7. There is not … bread on the table . 6 2min Үй тапсырмасын беру.
(Giving h/t)
At home you should prepare:
Page 211 ex.1
P.61 ex. 12 жаңа сөйлемдерді қолданып, диалог құру 8 1min Қорытынды.
You were very active today! Well done! Try to remember our new vocabulary. Your marks for today…
The lesson is over. You may have a rest. Тексерілді:

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