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Control work
3rd form I -term
I. Дұрыс жауабын тап.
1. How long was the Stegosaurus? a. No, it wasn't.
2. What colour was it? b. Yes, there were.
3. Was the Brontosaurus a meat eater? c. They were all over the world.
4. Were some dinosaurs very big? d. People think it was grey.
5. Were there lots of different dinosaurs? e. It was ten metres long.
6. Where were the dinosaurs? f. Yes, they were.
II. Cөйлемдерді was, wasn't, were, weren't сөздерімен толықтыр.
Harry: Pterosaurs ....... on Earth at the time of the dinosaurs, 65-200 million years ago.
Helen: ........ they birds?
Harry: No. A Pterosaur ....... a flying animal, but it ...... a bird. Its wings....... different from a bird's wings. A Pterosaur's wings ...... covered with feathers.
III. Дұрыс жауабын тап.
1. Was she very tall? a. No, she wasn't.
2. What was her favourite subject? b. There were six pictures in her room.
3. How many pictures were there in her room? c. Her favourite animals were cats, dogs,
4. Was her hair long? d. Yes, it was.
5. Who were her friends? c. Her friends were Petra and Simon.
6. Which animals were her favourite? e. Her favourite subject was Sport.

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