Итоговый тест по английскому языку (8 класс)

Final grammar test (at the end of the 8th form)
1) Choose the correct variant.
1. ... is the capital of England.
a) Moscow b) Liverpool с) London
2. The symbol of Wales is....
a) the red rose b) the daffodil с) the thistle
3. The UK consists of England, ... and Scotland.
a) Northern Ireland b) Greenland с) Highland
4. Big Ben is the symbol of....
a) London b) Liverpool c) Oxford
5.The capital of Scotland is....
a) St Petersburg b) Edinburgh c) Cambridge
Choose either the Present Simple, Present Progressive, Present Perfect or Past Simple:
He is in the bathroom. I think he (wash) his hair.
She is a school teacher. She (teach) maths.
Jane (move) to a new flat a month ago.
I (write) the letter but I can’t find a stamp.
Put the verbs into the correct form (the Passive Voice) (choose correct form):
St. Petersburg (found) in 1703. A) was founded B) were founded C) is founded
This room usually (clean) by my brother. A) was cleaned B) is cleaned C) are cleaned
Use tag questions:
I was delighted to see him, …? A) isn’t I? B) wasn’t I? C) didn’t I?
It’s Thursday today, …? A) isn’t it? B) wasn’t it? C) is it?
They should be late, …?
A) shouldn’t I? B) should they? C) shouldn’t they?
You are working hard, …? A) don’t they? B) aren’t you? C) don’t you?
He did not come home to dinner, …? A) didn’t he? B) can’t she? C) did he?
Relate the English version with Russian.
This book bored me to death. a) Эта книга достойна чтения.
This book is exciting. b) Эта книга – настоящее удовольствие.
This book is good fun.  с) Эта книга – пустая трата времени.
This book is worth reading. d) Эта книга с волнующим сюжетом.
This book is waste of time. e) Эта книга – скучная до смерти.

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